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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Planning our Framily Vacay 2018

Oh my goodness, y'all!

I know that it's still 'technically' February, and school still has several months left, but we couldn't wait to get this year's vacation finally planned. Last year we traveled to Charleston, SC with some of our favorite people, the Barron/Davis family, and it was so much fun.
(I shared all about it HERE)

Our kids just got along so well, and we just love us some Kent & Christie, so we started discussing this year's vacation back in November. I mean, we looked at every beach just about up & down the East Coast, as well as a couple in the Gulf of Mexico.

We finally landed on the perfect house in a place that my family has never been, and funny enough, everyone we talk to swears by this little slice of Heaven...

called Hilton Head Island in sunny South Carolina!

Booking our home on VRBO only has me ready for our vacay to start like now!

I'm over here looking at all the bathing suits & beach towels & stuff!!

And Matilda Jane just released this sneak that I'm obsessed with...MAJORLY!
(& I spy their towels sneaking in the picture too)

We really cannot wait to head to the beach with our friends again this year. The best part of traveling with these friends is that we have the same vacation goals. 
Beach...beach...& maybe a little pool fun!

If you've ever been to HHI, please send me some information on places that we must try! I've been told several times that after this vacation, we'll never want to go anywhere else!


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Life Lately

It feels like it's been a hot minute since I've hopped on here. Well, technically it's been since Friday, but the boys were both out of school Friday & Monday for inservice & a holiday. It's just felt longer..ha!

Life lately has been busy, but fun, and it's been full of lots of family time!
{just how we like it}

A day full of shopping & brothers & running around led this sweet girl to crash hard early, but not without her favorite bows!

I had a rough day Friday, and sometimes you just need your friends and family to remind you that they are in your corner.

Joe, my sweet best friends, and my family have been crazy supportive, and I mean crazy!! I just love that through the worst season of my life that God got rid of the phonies to leave the true blue, always there for you people.

Saturday while the boys went to get haircuts & play basketball, Nataleigh & I headed to a pageant. This one was thankfully local & so fun!
It takes all the stuff for just one day!

 no personality whatsoever
 Team Tots all the way!!
 Again...what personality?!
 Nataleigh's bestie, Ms. Jill!!
Tennessee Royalty
GG even swung by & saw Nat Nat!

We then met up with my mom & sister to go to Virginia to pick up a sweet puppy for my mom!
Y'all...we needed a Go-Pro because that was beyond comical. We had 5 people & a labradoodle crammed in my rental Chevy Cruz. Thankfully, hopefully, we should be getting my vehicle back this week!
{insert all the praise hands}
My mom's older dog, Coco, was not too excited about a new pup, so she cozied up to Jojo all night long!

Sunday Carson & I headed on a donut/coffee run, and I just love these moments alone with him. He's beyond funny & the kindest boy ever!
Instead of a donut, I grabbed myself a wake-up wrap. These little things are the best ever! Joe has gotten me hooked to them, and they are considerably healthier than a donut.
(Try it with the sweet black pepper bacon for an even yummier treat)
We then headed to church, and I just love these three so stinking much!

Sunday was for sure the day of rest. We ate lunch at home & then napped, and then we ended the night watching all the Olympics!

Monday, the boys were out for President's Day, and my mom was also out of work. She treated us to a trip to the movies!
We saw the new Marvel Black Panther, and the boys loved it. Nataleigh also loved it, and she was super invested in it...like yelling, cheering, dancing, and crying.

After the movies we went to my grandparents' farm, and we fully took advantage of the beautiful weather.
Nataleigh is finally getting brave enough to ride her bike, so we are working hard at it.
It's also precious watching my Poppy teaching her, and she loves listening to him!

We are supposed to have several more beautiful days, so we are going to try to get more outside and farm time in before the inevitable winter weather returns!

Happy Tuesday, friends!