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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Pray for Popow

Last week I briefly shared that my sweet father-in-law under went pretty extensive bypass surgery, and because his heart was already so damaged, there have been some pretty serious issues arise. Out of respect for my family's privacy, I haven't shared much about this, but today, I beg you to continue to remember us in your prayers. His body is finally starting the recovery process, and we are beyond thankful for every little bit of progress. We've seen incredible differences in the past couple of days. He's making great strides, but we know he still has a long road ahead of him.
It's been a long week, especially for my mother-in-law, and she could also use her prayers. This has been a pretty emotionally exhausting week for her. As a pastor's wife, she's sat in those same waiting rooms with plenty of friends & church members, but this was the first time that she's sat in that particular chair. She knew that even though this was pretty routine surgery that it was still the surgery of her husband...her true love! She's a fixer, and this week has tested her ability to rest in God's promises. She's been a rock though, trusting when it's been most difficult!
His children also have had a pretty emotionally draining week. The constant worry about their parents has been exhausting, and they also have families to worry about day-to-day. They have been fully supportive & often neglected their own physical needs. They've went without rest this week, and yet they never complain.
Their precious grandbabies have also not known what's going on, but they know it's not good. None of the kids have been able to visit their Popow, & honestly we had to have a real moment of parenting last week as we discussed whether we let them see him in that condition. Thankfully we have awesome friends that have been huge sources of knowledge and soundboards for us through this. These babies don't and can't possibly understand everything, so I ask that you pray for their 4 sweet grandbabies as Popow recovers & plans change.

We can never thank you enough for all your prayers this far, and we know that we still need more prayers! He has a pretty long road before he will be fully back, but we are laying it all in God's hands. 

Specific Prayer Requests:

His Body

Aside from the actual bypass surgery, his body has been lacking the nourishment that it needs, but he physically couldn't have the feeding tube necessary. He now has the feeding tube, so pray that his body continues to respond to the nourishment & medication. Pray that he continues to get stronger and stronger each day. 

His Mind

Earlier in the week, he experienced some pretty dramatic delirium due to ammonia & medication, but he's finally awaking from that. Pray that his mind continues to heal. He's been under pretty heavy sedation for a long while, so this is expected. We need, however, for his mind to start getting clear & focused.

His Family

We are all tired in different ways, but somehow God keeps refreshing us. Pray that we can start resting physically & mentally, so we can best meet his needs.

Friends, thank you so much! We are so grateful for your prayers & God's goodness!

Happy Wednesday!


Monday, May 14, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up {Mother's Day 2018}

Our Mother's Day weekend was so, so good. It was a little crazy, and we had to change up our normal plans a bit. Still it was so good!


We kicked this weekend off with me beyond frustrated with all this nasty pollen that has been all over my car. I was over it, and my car needed a good cleaning, in general. After school, the kids & I headed to the car wash! The boys love helping scrub the floor mats, and Nataleigh just loves riding through while the car gets washed!

The weather has been BEAUTIFUL here, so the kids played outside!
And my girl is ready for bathing suit season!

I then fixed the quickest of dinners, chicken with creamy tomato pasta, before whipping up the easiest cookies!
These were a HUGE hit with my kids!

All the car washing & playing outside really sapped it out of us all!

Sweetest little slumbers!


Soccer Saturday!!
After soccer, we ate lunch with some of our friends before Joe headed back to Asheville to check on his dad. Please continue to pray that his body recovers, & he starts to wake up again. It's been a long week, but God continues to sustain the family!
He's so, so good!
While Joe visited with his parents, the kiddos & I picked up some little lovelies for my grandmother & mom! Balloons & flowers can make almost anyone smile...especially from this cute little delivery service!

The days have been so nice & warm lately, so we've been spending much of our evenings playing outside. I found the cutest little citronella candles!
These color changing candles are seriously the cutest candles ever! I need like 4 more to complete our porch area!


My sweet love grabbed me my favorite coffee for breakfast, and then we headed to church!
The sweetest babies I know!
I'm so thankful that I get to mama these faces!
Stephen was so excited to show me his card that they made in Sunday School! He has for sure already picked out the candy he wants for himself!

After church we headed over the mountain to check on Joe's dad & for him to mow the yard at his parents' house. It's the only thing his mom wanted, and we had to make it happen!
But first, potato oles from Taco John's!
My world!!

Once Joe saw his dad for a bit, we headed to Mimi's house, and the kiddos changed into play clothes to play outside immediately!
While the boys played all the basketball, this girl was living her best sandbox life & doing all the cartwheels!
Oh and loving Layla!!
She's obsessed with Mimi's little baby, and I mean, that Layla is precious.

Carson napped the whole way home, and this girl just danced, sang, and if you saw my instastories, then you also saw all the 'air quotes!' She has no clue what they are, but she thinks they are too funny & her go-to dance move!
And I snacked on the best snack ever!
We stopped by Trader Joe's on our way home, and it was the best little Mother's Day shopping trip ever!
We ended our weekend playing outside some more, and Joe snapped the sweetest picture of me with my babes! I hate having pictures taken, ever, but this was a day & a weekend I wanted a picture of me in. Happy is my favorite, and these babies & Jojo make me beyond HAPPY!

Also, our weekend was kind of consumed with our new-found obsession with kitties!
A mama cat dropped off her kitties under our porch, and I'm beyond obsessed. We are trying to bait these babies out, so we can take them to the vet & make sure all is well!

Eek! But how adorable is this baby!?

We are officially counting down the days we have left of school. This week the boys only go Monday- Thursday, and next week they only go Tuesday & Wednesday, before picking up their report cards on Thursday! Then on Saturday we are busting it Hilton Head!
All the praise hands, y'all!!