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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Weekend Wrap-Up {on a Tuesday}

Life has been just one mega blur lately, and I feel as though I'm apologizing all over again for my blogging absence. Our schedules have been jam-packed, but that's left little time for the important things, like sleep & blogging!


Well since I last shared a LIFE LATELY post, a lot has been going on, so I thought I'd catch y'all up a little on what life's looked like for the Hensley 5...starting with this past weekend!

Sunday, Stephen turned 10, and Joe shared a sweet prayer for our big boy HERE! Seriously though, 10 years old!! I still cannot believe it. We spent the weekend celebrating our boy, and it was full of so much fun!

Friday, my mom offered to grab the boys from school, so she could take Stephen shopping for his birthday. They had a BLAST with the best Nana evah @ Toys R Us!

He picked out night-vision goggles & a laser tag set. She also got the two littles a little something too. We are thankful to have her!

Then Friday night, Joe & I took the kids to dinner, Target, & PUTT-PUTT, as per Stephen's request. It was such a fun night, and even though I was already exhausted & getting more exhausted by the minute, I wouldn't have traded that time together for anything in the world! Time spent together was so needed!

 "Sleepy" taco dude!!

So she doesn't like 'help,' but she loves her daddy so much. I don't even want to talk about the scores, but I will. Joe dominated every one. It isn't really fair though because he's basically a professional. I'll just say that I'm pretty sure his score was below the 'professional' on the score card.

Saturday I headed to a local tournament ALL day while the boys went to the farm & to their friends' house for the afternoon. Nataleigh stayed the day & night with Nana where my sister taught her how to over-hand serve a ball.
{future volleyball star}

Then Saturday night the boys & I loaded up and headed to Nashville. We got to the hotel at about 11:30 Central time & went straight to sleep.

When we woke up on Sunday, we had a 10-year old!
I remember that day 10 years ago so well. It was a scary, exciting, overwhelming day, and by the end of a long day, we had a beautiful baby boy that we loved beyond comprehension. It was one of the best days ever!

We had big plans for this birthday. The Tennessee Titans were playing Stephen's long-time favorite team, the Seahawks, in Nashville, so we wanted him to be there!

It was a 3:30 CST game, so first up...LUNCH!

Give us all the Tex-Mex food asap!!

Our new vehicle has DVD players in the headrests, so we grabbed a couple of new movies & headphones!
Side note: Mamas everywhere go get the headrest DVD players now. The kids cannot hear the movies unless they have headphones, and they can watch different movies. No fighting & no listening to hours of cartoons. The drive was magical on so many levels!
Then we made our way to Nissan Stadium!

We went straight to the Titans pro shop for some Titans gear & Dippin' Dots!

Stephen's picture even made in on the big screen!
It was the whole thing, but mama missed snapping a picture of it then. His day was made by that point. He felt like an absolute superstar, and I was so excited for him!
 Our seats!
My loves!!
Post win picture with the boys' favorite building in Nashville. They call this the Batman building, and my boys think it's the coolest thing ever!

Then we loaded back up & headed home. We got home around midnight, so the boys slept in & went in to school a little late. It was a wonderful weekend, and halfway through the game Sunday, Stephen leaned over & said, "This is the best day ever!"

Even though I was exhausted, this was a weekend I'll cherish forever.

1 boy..
..10 years later..
Still more love than I could have ever imagined or deserved!

Sunday, September 24, 2017


It was 10 years ago today that God gave us the tremendous honor and blessing to be the parents of Stephen Hensley.  It is extremely hard to believe that it has been 10 years.  What follows is a prayer for Stephen...

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for allowing us to raise Stephen.  It is an honor that we do not take lightly.  You have blessed us with a tremendous young man that has a heart for you and love for all.  We are so undeserving of such a blessing, but we are thankful.

We ask your blessings upon his life.  We ask that he grow up to be a strong man of faith.  That his love for you continues to grow with each passing day.  We pray that he would have a passion to be conformed by your Word and will.

We ask that, if it is your will, that you would bless him with a wife that wants the same.  That he would love her all the days of his life.  That he would respect her and provide for her.  That he would exemplify an Ephesians 5 husband to her.

Also, if you bless him with children, that he would be a loving and caring father.  That he would love his children and raise them in the manner that would glorify you.  That he would be an example for them as to how to live a life that is pleasing to you.

Father, help us to nurture him to become all of these things.  That he would see in us an example of these things.  May your hand of blessing be upon him so that he can be a blessing to others.  We ask these things of you because you alone are capable of supplying the power needed to do such things.  May you grace us with us strength.

Once again, we ask that you continue to bless him and keep him from death, danger, and demonic attack.  Protect him for your glory.  In Jesus' name, Amen.

We love you Stephen!  We can't wait to see what God has in store for your life!

Dad & Mom