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Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday Favorites {7.13.2018}

How you doin', Friday?!
{insert Joey Tribbiani voice here}

Oh my goodness!
We have 'Fri-nally" made to the end of Week 1 of our team's two-a-days, and can I just say, HALLELUJAH!?

Two-a-days are a whole different level of exhausting, but they are best for getting everyone back in the volleyball groove!

Today I'm sharing a couple of things that I am just loving so much right now!!


This family photo!!
I got so many messages about it, and yes the angle made Stephen look like he's almost as tall as I am. He's not there yet, however, he's closing in considerably faster than I'd like! I cleaned out the boys' closets last week, and both boys have out-grown every single pair of pants!! 
Like why do they have to grow up so fast!?!


This quote!!
How true is this?!
Am I the only one who struggles with not seeing the big picture?!


This girl recently fell head over heels for the vanilla bean frappaccino from Starbucks!

And I just loved how darling these pictures were!


Oh my goodness!!
Last weekend I entered a little instagram giveaway, and we actually won this headband/jewelry holder for Nataleigh! Grace & Jewel Creations has the most beautiful accessory holders for your little girl, and isn't it the most beautiful?! 


Today, after practice, my mom, Nataleigh, & I are heading to Nashville, and we are so excited!
Nataleigh recently got her acceptance letter for the State NAM pageant! This was a huge step for this little girl, and we are so excited to be starting this NAM journey. This weekend we are heading to a NAM workshop to help us prepare a little for the State Pageant in September!

Happy Weekend, friends!!

What fun do you have planned?! 

See y'all next week!!


Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Life Lately + A Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Tuesday, y'all!

Life lately has been pretty chaotic for the Hensleys, but I feel like it just never stops! I don't know what we would do if we had a calm lull to our lives. Today I'm going to share what's been going on lately for the Hensley 5, and it's a bit!

Tuesday we started our 4th celebrations...
poolside with our buddies

nothing screams 'Merica quite as loudly as a giant eagle float, right?!

We swam late in the night and even got to enjoy fireworks while swimming & hanging out by the pool.


These girls were hilarious.
They are all quite a bit older than Nataleigh {the twins are actually in Stephen's grade} & they treated Nat like their equal. These girls had the best time doing flips & different cheer jumps into the pool together, and I couldn't be happier that my littlest just jumped right in with the big girls!
The boys were busy playing all the football/basketball combos in the pool, and there was just no stopping any of these hyper-competitive boys!

On the actual 4th, we went to my mom's house for a family get-together that was just so, so much fun.
She recently got a pool, and the kids spent another full day in the water!!
It was our cousin, Eli's, first time in a 'big pool,' and my babies loved helping Baby Eli swim!!
Jojo spent the 4th rocking my mom's straw visor & cracking us all up!

And my crazy sister somehow managed to get Nataleigh's goggles stuck on her face!
But first let me take a picture!!

The late-night swimming from the day before & the next full afternoon spent in the pool really caught up to a super cute little fish!
& girlfriend crashed hard on the way home!

That night we met up with some friends to shoot off fireworks...
& floss a little too!
And maybe snap a little selfie with my rosy-cheeked princess!
And we ended our 4th with a family photo!!

Friday all the swimming & outdoor time had really caught up with Carson, and that morning he woke up in extreme pain. We took him to the doctor where we found out he had a pretty nasty ear infection as well as a bunch of fluid in both ears.
This boy never gets sick!
I mean, he's had strep & the flu each once, and that's really it as far as sickness goes. It was not the normal to see him in so much pain!

We then loaded everyone up & met up with our nephew to head to Sneedville, TN for Joe's Granny's funeral.
Mimi & Popow's boys!
All the Hensley grandbabies!!
We spent all day Friday visiting with extended family, and it was a beautiful time. I know Granny was proud that the majority of her babies were all together celebrating her beautiful life. I'm so thankful for this family who loves HUGE!!

Our Friday night was pretty chaotic when we got home from Sneedville. Carson took his nighttime medicine and had an immediate reaction to the amoxicillin, so we loaded him up and took him straight to the ER. It turns out that the medicine + the busyness of the day ended up causing his stomach to have pretty bad spasms. Thankfully it was nothing worse, and we were sent home to rest and recover!

Saturday evening, after a glorious morning & afternoon of resting & relaxing, my mom offered to keep the kids, so Joe & I could have a date night!
[Say What?!]
Love this man!!!

We tried a yummy local spot, Guiseppe's, and we were stuffed when we left!
We started with the fried calamari, one of our favorite appetizers ever!

And then I tried mussels for the first time ever, and I loved them!
The marinara sauce was incredible!

We got up Sunday & headed to church!
This church has been so good for our hearts!
Every message is stretching & challenging us in all the best ways, and the kiddos are just loving it so much too!

Happy, twirly girls are just the prettiest...especially after a fun kids' service with popsicles!!

We ended our weekend relaxing a little more because I knew what was coming...


I officially started the 2018 season yesterday, and the next couple of months are going to be pretty insane. My calendar is pretty much booked solid with practices, games, & tournaments!

Thanks for sticking with this super #photooverload post of what life's been like for my little family!

What fun do you have planned for July?!

What do you do to relax when you have a free moment?!

Enjoy your Tuesday, friends!