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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Tennessee Testing

We have officially started Testing season at the boys' school. Stephen is in 4th grade, so this is his second year enduring these tests. Carson has testing as well, but the emphasis isn't really put on them until 3rd grade. He also is so easy-going in general, but Stephen is super high-strung.

This week we've talked and talked to Stephen about these tests, and it's hard as parents to emphasize the importance of the tests without stressing high strung kiddos out!

I'm asking today that you say a little prayer for our boy & the rest of the kiddos taking tests the next couple of weeks. 
Father, Please wrap your arms around these students as they prepare to take the standardized tests. These tests in no way define who they are as students or teachers. Lord, give the teachers peace & comfort that they have prepared their students enough. Also, remind them that these tests do not prove their abilities as educators. Thank You Lord for the wonderful educators that You have provided our children. You have been gracious to our sweet boys, and I cannot thank You enough for Your goodness. As these days & weeks move on, give the teachers, students, and parents the strength to finish the race. It's all for Your glory, Lord.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Cindy Sunday

Happy, Happy Tuesday!

Normally I share all about our weekends, but we got hit with the stomach bug on Friday. Saturday was spent recovering, so no pictures were taken those two days. Sunday, however, Nataleigh had an appearance at the Sevier County Prelim, and it was such a fun, fun day!

Prepare for photo overload!
 TN Royalty
 We so missed our Mini Miss, Emma!

Nat & Sarah-Anne have such a sweet friendship!
 Nataleigh with the Tots group!
 Nataleigh with the Mini Misses.
One of our favorite Cindy girls, Leah Grace!
(former Tennessee Outstanding Teen & current Tennessee's Distinguished Woman)

She loves giving out little gifts. It's one of her favorite parts of prelims, and she helped hand out the Mini Misses' gifts. It was extra fun for this little girl!

Before every prelim starts, the current royalty gets announced, and it's just the sweetest!!
 (Thanks Mama Jana)

Thanks Cathy for snapping this side stage picture for me!
I mean, it takes a village to make all this happen, and I just love our village!

So this weekend's prelim was just extra special. Nataleigh has been learning & practicing a song to sing for an entertainment talent for weeks & months now, and she finally got her chance to perform.
One last hug before taking the stage!
She had a little mess up towards the end of the song, but she held it together & finished!
She really worked extra hard learning this song!
She had a moment backstage afterwards where she cried because she messed up, but seriously her girls were so supportive. They lifted my Little Bit up, and she was instantly better.
Seriously, thank you to everyone for their kind words of support & love for Nataleigh.

After a couple rounds of modeling, she wanted to watch her other sisters perform!

These girls are so supportive of each other, and I just love watching them cheer each other on.

They even held it together when they were thrown onstage with all the contestants for a little Cindy Disco performance!

So. Much. Fun!!!!

Then it was crowning time!

Big congrats to all the winners & participants!

These weekends are so magical & yet so exhausting!

We have one last prelim before the big State Pageant, and I don't know how this year has flown by so quickly. We have a lot to do before June, but it's magic...Cinderella Magic!