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Monday, April 25, 2016

A Little About Us

Hi! I am Joseph Hensley. I'm happily married to Brittany, and we have 3 wonderful children; Stephen, Carson, and Nataleigh. I began pastoring at 21 years old and did so for 11 years. In early 2015, I left ministry completely, lost my family due to my failures, and rebelled against God greatly. By God's grace, restoration has been given to me. It is my desire to help those who are going through similar situations to understand they must learn from their past, but refuse to be defined by the past. This blog is just one way that Brittany and I can do so. It's time to get past the past and look with anticipation to what God has in store next. The best is yet to come! Thanks for joining us on this journey.

I am the proud wife of Joe. We've been married now for over 10 years. While it hasn't always been the easiest or the most perfect, it has however been one heck of an adventure. We have three rambunctious, beautiful babies; Stephen (8), Carson (6), & Nataleigh (3). We moved from the urban area of Charlotte, NC to the quaint, rural retreat of Jonesborough, TN, and even though our schedules are seemingly more packed, we are thriving in our little slice of heaven. I love my Vols deeply, & honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if my blood was orange. I enjoy cooking, fashion, reality tv, traveling, sports, social media, & shopping. I absolutely love going to church on Sundays. My physical body craves corporate worship, and there really is nothing that matches being a part of a body of believers worshipping together. Life isn't always perfect, but I am totally dependent on the fact that my perfect Savior has a perfect plan. May He get glory from this.

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