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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

All About The Littles

"Our family is just one tent away from a full-blown CIRCUS." I saw this the other day, and literally laughed out loud because it is beyond accurate when describing my family, especially my children. They are beautifully wild, and I wouldn't change them if I could. First, for some proper introductions, so you will know who and what I am working with.


Stephen is our first-born. He checks nearly every box for most first-born children. He's a natural leader, semi-OCD, over-achiever, slightly bossy, overly protective big brother. He thrives with lots of routine and structure. He isn't a big fan of changes. He loves big, and argues intently for those he cares for. He is smart as can be, and he has literally never forgotten a thing in his life. We often joke that he needs to go into Law because he would argue that the sky is green if he thought he was right. He gives the absolute best hugs ever. When this one smiles, his whole face smiles. He is very photogenic, but he has entered the stage of life where he only will take pictures that are silly or with his friends. (This momma isn't happy).  He is naturally very athletic, and he can discuss everything about the NBA or the NFL that you want to discuss, including scoring averages. He has taught me so much more than I could describe on this little blog. We are beyond proud of him in so many ways.


This child of mine. He is absolutely the most hilarious child I have ever met. He keeps us laughing daily. If Stephen is everything a first-born is, then this is the poster child for the middle children of the world. He is so laid-back. He has his own drummer, and we often joke that the drummer prefers to drum extra slow because Carson has his own pace. He is extremely friendly, and he strives to make every one he meets happier than before he met them. He works hard to bridge the gap between his big brother and little sister. Carson goes with the flow, and he thrives under situations that require adaptations to the norm. He loves everyone, and everyone is his favorite. He has worked so hard this year in his academics. He often wants to lead our prayer time before meals and bed. Did I mention he likes to help? He will help with any chore if it means a little extra one-on-one time, heavy on the compliments. He is precious, snuggly, and sweet. He too is sports-obsessed, which works in our ESPN-loving family. He has been such a fun, exciting blessing to our family.


"For this child I prayed.." We prayed for each of our children, but something deep within me always knew that I wanted a daughter. God definitely didn't disappoint when He blessed us with Nataleigh Hope. She's spunky, sassy, fun, and beautiful. She's slightly Disney princess obsessed, and it is something that I must secretly admit that I love..like seriously LOVE. She currently is working hard at perfecting her pageant 'pretty feet' and modeling. She is the reigning Miss Kingsport-Toddler & Miss Tri-Cities. She's equally obsessed with commercials, specifically car commercials. She knows every tag line, and often you will hear her randomly blurting them out. She is exceptionally friendly, and she craves friendships. She could be called some-what demanding. The girl knows what she likes and has no problem telling anyone within ear-shot what she wants. 


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  1. Boy oh boy did you hit the nail on the head with your children and my grandchildren! I am so thankful to get to watch God's hand in your lives. Thank you if I haven't told you later.