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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Things We Love...

While we are still in the early process of our blog, we wanted to take hot minute to share some of our favorite things..


Seriously, we sing "Rocky Top" loudly & wear our ORANGE proudly. God bless the VOLUNTEERS!


Quick confession: I may have a slight obsession with this clothing company for my daughter..(maybe)! The clothes are just absolute perfection. Okay, so this item is more of a Britt love, but secretly, Joe loves how adorable Nat looks in the outfits. He just doesn't love going to the mailbox, and returning with packages. Here are a few of my favorites that my girl rocks..

Shop it HERE & my favorite little MJ secret is on Facebook. MJ Addicts, a private group, for all your buy, sell, & trade needs!


Well, we added to our family this spring. She's a beaut. My grandparents own a beautiful farm in a little rural community in Tennessee. My kiddos jump at any chance to go get dirty in the fields with the cattle. It is hilarious to hear and see them riding the Gator with Poppy & running through the fields. It immediately takes me back to my childhood, when my family lived on the farm. There is something indescribable that the Farm provides my family. 


Anyone who has been around the Tri-Cities have seen these fast-food restaurants! If you are looking for healthy options, please look elsewhere, but if you want some scrumptious, delicious food, then this is your spot. Let me just tell you all, my family hits this place up for one of our meals weekly. For breakfast, we suggest any biscuit that you prefer with a large cheddar round and a sweet tea. These nuggets of yumminess are required for breakfast. There have been petitions for Pals to serve them all day. For lunch or dinner choose between Jr. burgers, Big Pal burgers, Hot Ham & Cheese, Sauce burgers, hot dogs, or chili buns, and wash it down with FRENCHIE FRIES (must order this way) and a sweet tea. So, next time you are in the area, hit any of the PALS locations up & be impressed with the delicious food & the extremely friendly service you will receive. #SuddenServiceInAFlash #ThatYellowStraw  

Quick little birthday shout out to my sister Grace. Today is her 27th birthday. GG, we love you so much, and we hope that you have the best day ever!! 

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