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Friday, May 20, 2016

3 Quick things..

We've finally made it to the final Friday of the school year, and can I get a witness?! #AMEN This Friday I wanted to share three quick things about each of us, so here we go.


  1. He works hard. Whether he's working on sermons, on the farm, on basketball stuff, or at the school, he gives 110% of himself..sometimes to a fault.
  2. He's super-duper competitive. He doesn't care if he's shooting paper wads in a basket, he wants to beat you. He doesn't let our sweet boys beat him at anything, so when they win, & they do, it is a big deal.
  3. He is the super snuggler. He tucks each & every one of our kiddos in and prays with them every night. It is the sweetest thing ever.


  1. Like Joe, I too may be slightly competitive..okay, I'm super competitive also. We try to do game nights with the kids, & I am determined to beat them in the Game of Life every time. We also race from the cars to the door, and I'm not gonna lie, it's getting tough to beat Stephen.
  2. I am a pinaholic. I love Pinterest. My favorite searches are history, humor, home decor, food & drinks. I have a couple of boards going, so find me HERE & pin along! :)
  3. I love real estate, any and all real estate. I check my real estate apps daily, and I may need to look into real estate classes soon!


  1. Lebron James is his favorite person on earth! #eyeroll
  2. He has the biggest, best smile ever! It's even freckle-covered, and it couldn't be cuter!
  3. Sometimes I swear that he is an adult. He can have such mature conversations with adults. He often has to be reminded that he's just 8, and then a moment later, he'll do something consistent with a typical 8-year old boy..like fart! UGH!


  1. He is our late-sleeper, and we love that about this cute boy!
  2. Steph Curry is his favorite person ever.
  3. He has such comedic timing like none other. He makes the funniest jokes and says the funniest things at the perfect moment. He also doesn't care if you laugh because there's a good chance that he's already busting a gut at himself.


  1. Mulan is her favorite person ever right now, & homegirl can belt "Reflection" at the drop of a hat.
  2. She is destined to being a nurse or doctor or vet. She loves checking on Jo Helen (her great-grandmother), and she carries stuffed animals everywhere.
  3. She now properly pronounces the "l" when she says, "I Love you!" It breaks my heart, and I desperately want her to say 'yove' again. 
We are looking forward to a fun, family-filled weekend, and we hope that you do the same. Much love from us to you. 

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