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Monday, May 2, 2016


First things first, cancer sucks. I am sure that everyone's lives have been impacted by cancer somehow, and no one is ever the same after cancer. Our family's weekend was a busy one, read about it HERE. Nataleigh competed Saturday and Sunday in two different pageants. She placed 2nd-Runner Up at Little Miss Johnson City, and she won Mini Grand Supreme at Relay For Life's Pageant. While we learned a lot at LMJC, I want to take a little time today talking about RFL, this pageant, and a few of the amazing women she walked for!


The first RFL my family ever took part in was several years ago while we were pastoring a church in Gastonia, NC. Our church raised money through luminary sales and fellow congregation members walking in memory or in honor of family members. My absolute favorite thing that took place was the Survivor's Lap that kicked off the Relay. Seeing the crowd of those who have kicked or are kicking cancer's butt was awe-inspiring. Another beautiful moment was the lighting of the Luminaries. Talk about emotional. Seeing those individual lights lit at once will make you wish for some Kleenexes. If you have never been to or taken part in a local Relay For Life, we urge you to find one and support it and those kicking butt surviving.


I'm not going lie..I was nervous about this pageant more so than the others that we've competed in because she wasn't walking only on her behalf, but also on behalf of women that are in her life that have been impacted by this vicious disease..more on them in a moment! She has been practicing a lot lately, and she just hasn't had her little spark lately. Well, this morning we decided to let Nat pick everything..shoes, hair, and dress..& baby girl knocked it out of the park. Here is our 'just before stage' look..(silly face included)!
Here's she after crowning, a nap, and a change of clothes..
Little Miss ETN Relay For Life Mini Grand Supreme


Today she walked in honor of 4 breast cancer survivors and in remembrance of 1 woman who fought the vicious lung cancer that took her too early. We are so proud of these brave women that we love so dearly! HERE THEY ARE:
Cindy Carr-Hill:

Nataleigh's great-aunt who loves horses, her grand baby Eli, and kicking breast cancer's butt! We are so proud to be your family, Cindy, and we love you! 
Megan Shelton:

Nataleigh's pageant mama that loves and supports us so much. We are so thankful that you showed cancer who the boss was then and now!
Valerie Dowdell:

Mama Val, you mean so much to our family and a ton of others. Thank you for your faith, family, and amazing fight against breast cancer.
Lois Melton:

Nataleigh's Gastonia-Nana, we love you, and we thank God daily for your fight and love. We are so thankful for you!
Katherine Sales:

This is Nataleigh's great-grandmother, & Joe's grandmother. Not a single day goes by without us missing you so much. We love you and miss you terribly.

I could blog for hours upon end about each of these beautiful women that fought bravely, but I also know that there are incredibly brave women and men out there that have fought too. To those that are fighting, I urge you to keep fighting. Remember 1Timothy 6:12, "Fight the good fight of the faith." To those who have fought, we are so proud of you and love you so much! To those not fighting yet, we urge you to get checked often. 

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