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Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Favorites

Like always we are linking up with fellow bloggers ErikaNarci, & Andrea for some of our Friday Favorites, so let's get in it...


This Means War mini series that Joe started last week. It will be a regular series every Thursday. When we went through our biggest trials this past year, the church we were attending went through a similar series, and I swear it was directed just at us. God is so good!! Joe is going to be walking through what the Bible details as spiritual warfare & how to combat the enemy! If you missed any of the first two posts...


A local photographer reached out last week to snap some pictures of Nataleigh, and can I just say that these are some kind of gorgeous?! His name is Asher Lee with Titan Photography (find him on Facebook), & he's incredible. He's currently running an incredible photo session special, so if you are looking for some really good pictures, he's your guy. My daughter also has the biggest crush on Asher! 


My coffee order is always the same, & unless something crazy happens, it will always stay the same. Venti iced coffee with 8 pumps of classic & extra cream! This is my splurge. Recently I got a $.99 refillable cup from Dunkin Donuts (iced coffee extra-extra). I love my coffee, & it is a daily must-have!!


I've expressed my love for Matilda Jane Clothing several times already on here, and if you were wanting to try some of the cute goodies out, I would suggest shopping NOW! Right now Good Luck Trunk is running an amazing sale on a lot of different items from previous collections, so check it out. When you check out, enter Trunk Keeper ID 1696, and help my trunk keeper & friend, who is new, out!! 


This man! Law, he cracks me up. We had to take so many pictures last week due to his shenanigans, but that's one of the reasons that I love him. He keeps us all laughing. 


This woman. This video. ENJOY!!

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