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Monday, May 30, 2016

Let's Talk...

This month we are linking up with Andrea & Erika talking about our plans for this summer! With the three kiddos, our schedules stay pretty full, but thankfully we don't have to think about school for a few weeks. (School's out--School's out)!

First: State Pageant

Well, we are finally here. The Cinderella State pageant is this weekend, and I cannot believe we are here. We have worked and practiced and fund-raised and practiced some more. Well, I think we finally say that it is go-time. This weekend Nataleigh will compete against some of the best girls 3-6 year olds for different crowns and titles. She will be competing in Beauty Wear, Casual Wear, & On-Stage Interview. Honestly, if she gets up there and doesn't pick her nose during the interview, I will view this as a successful trip! [Pictures to come next week]

Second: Sports Camps & the Olympics

Joseph coaches basketball at TN High in Bristol, TN, and they have their annual basketball camp. My boys are thrilled to put it mildly. They cannot wait to spend all week learning and bettering their basketball skills while hanging out with some of their favorite teenagers. Quick brag about the coaches and players from TN High. As a mama to two young boys, being around these teens was such a nice experience this past year. They were respectful, kind, and thoughtful kids that my boys see as NBA Superstars. Back to camp..I cannot wait to hear the stories from this week. My boys are sportsaholics, so this camp is going to be so much fun! Get more info HERE! Along with basketball camps, Carson is looking forward to the ETSU baseball camp, and Stephen is ready for the King College soccer camp.
TEAM USA..enough said!

Third: Lots of Farm-time

We just bought a cow this spring! (MOO) My grandfather owns cattle and a cute little farm in Fall Branch, so when the opportunity to add to the herd arose, we jumped at buying a cow. We name our cows, so Nataleigh got the opportunity to name this one, and she chose, drum roll please, Big Fat Belly. You heard me right; Big Fat Belly! #SMH She's pregnant, so hopefully we add a heifer to our herd in the fall. My boys and Nataleigh love taking care of the cows with their dad and their Poppy, and the farm is one of my favorite places on Earth!

Fourth: Sleeping In

hahahahahaha, but really..It would be nice to think that since school was out that my kiddos would somewhat cooperate & not wake us up super early. They've always been early-risers, so I honestly expect little to change just because school is out. Maybe next year.

Fifth: Swimming

We love a pool..especially a big pool with slides, lazy rivers, and obstacle courses. We luckily get access to the Aquatic Center in Kingsport because we are Y-members. Why do I Y? Well, that aquatic center is the perfect incentive for good behavior, burning off tons of energy, and a little vitamin C. We will be spending loads of time there in between all of our other running. 

We are so looking forward to having a super fun summer. It will be busy, but we'll be busy together. The absolute best part of the summer is all the memories we'll make. Joe keeps reminding me whenever I get frustrated or disappointed that this will be our summer. He just feels like Summer 2016 is it, and I can't wait to see what 'it' is! God bless :)

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