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Monday, May 23, 2016

Life Lately

Life lately has been pretty chaotic around here, but isn't God good. I tweeted this the other night..
Thankful that I have such a wonderful place to call home. Well here we go!!


Friday, the boys had awards day at school, and both boys had their awards ceremonies at the exact same time. So we divided and conquered. Stephen got the Lifesaver Award for always lending a hand whenever needed, & Carson got the Sports Award for always giving 100% in all athletic endeavors! #LOVEMYBOYS

Thankful for this girl right here!! Best 2nd grader teacher ever!
After the awards ceremonies, I loaded the boys up and went to a friends house to let the boys play for a while. 7 boys and 2 mamas..we are crazy. She just finished building her house, so the property was still like a work zone, and the boys LOVED it. They played in dirt and gravel piles for hours. Here's a funny picture of them 'climbing Mount Everest!' Thanks Sarah!! :D


Nataleigh competed in the very first Strawberry Festival Pageant, and it was so much fun! So many of our pageant friends were competing, & the competition was some kinda fierce. Nat won her age queen, and she had a blast! This is her with her sweet friend, Emma. 


Sunday was our hectic day, and these are the days that I'm so thankful that "My Tribe" is here! We all kind of scattered today due to so many commitments! Carson & Joe traveled up to Hickory Tree Union Church where Joe preached, and then they rushed back to Kingsport for a super cool birthday party @ the Aquatic Center. #HappyBirthdayCooperS

I've watched this video too many times! Enjoy!!
Also, Nataleigh competed in the Little Miss Historic Jonesborough, and much to our surprise, she won! There is major truth in the whole it takes a village to raise a pageant child saying! Thanks to our sweet friends Keia for letting us borrow a beautiful dress, and thanks to Alex for saving this struggling mama trying to fix Nataleigh's hair! 
just before hitting the stage
 we love our pageant nana!!
our sweet friend Jelly bean!!
 our sweet friend Katie
 she loved sitting with Camryn
 we heart Cierra
 & Emalee
I'm slightly proud of this little booger! Beautiful inside & out. 
This was one of the best pageants I've been to yet! The girls spent the entire time playing and pretending to be real princesses throughout the entire day! I love, love, love making these princess memories with my favorite girl. 
We ended the weekend with Carson losing his first tooth! {cue the tears} I was so not emotionally prepared for this milestone. He's my baby boy..my sweet stink..& I was just not ready for him to start getting big-boy teeth! I may or may not be crying still. 
During all this craziness, I was so thankful that my dad took Stephen for some 1-on-1 time. They enjoyed a little Fazolis, Petsmart, & basketball @ the Y. He really craves that alone time away from his wild little brother & sister! 
Sunday was extra special for our family. Sunday night at First Baptist Church Piney Flats, we experienced a Restorative Service. I cannot wait to share a little more about that this week! This was already such a long post, & I wanted to spend the proper amount of time explaining more in depth what we experienced. God is good!

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