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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mid-Week Wrap-Up

This week has been a whirlwind, like most weeks in our house. Between three kiddos with very busy, different schedules, we stay on the go, but here's what we've been up to & what we've got coming up..


We wrapped up a fun soccer season this weekend with a round-robin tournament. Stephen's team Leicester City played hard, but they just didn't get the results that they wanted. That's okay because he learned so much, and he had a blast. 

How sweet was their coach bringing roses for all the mamas and grandmamas!!

Finally, Sunday night we grilled out for Mother's Day. We had the whole family over, minus my dad, because he's currently in Berlin for a business trip (super jealous)..My Poppy stole the night though. My mother and I found those Daisy Fuentes hair extensions at Burlington a few weeks ago, and we just had to buy a pack for giggles. Well, Poppy put them on, and he rocked them! Gosh, I love how silly that man is! Here is the photo evidence.


Yesterday was so much fun! At the boys school, they participate in the Accelerated Reader program, and while I would consider both of my boys to have had successful years, the program recognized Stephen's hard work at meeting every goal all year. Carson missed his goals barely, but the child has worked his tail off this year bettering his reading. I refused to let that little boy not get rewarded, so we decided that while Stephen partied it up with the school at Wallabies (indoor inflatable park), Carson, his friend Cooper, Cooper's mama Sydney, and I ate breakfast at IHOP. Then we took the boys to see Captain America: Civil War. SO. MUCH. FUN. 
(typical cute picture in front of the poster)


I started the morning at the gym. [Insert me dying here]. It has been far too long since I seriously worked out, and I am dying to get in shape because I have 2 super athletic, sports-loving boys to keep up with. I just ripped that bandaid off this week, and jumped right into a CYCLE class. It was my first time at CYCLE, & I literally loved it. My legs are jello, but that is okay. One step at a time. 
(before, & the after is on SnapChat. Find me at britthensley)

Here is our Y's May schedule, and I've already got my eye on a couple of classes.
 It was a beautiful night for a little baseball...

Winning ain't easy. This baseball season has kind of been like a roller coaster..lots of ups and downs. We are thankful for coaches that make the sport fun while teaching these young boys a little bit of ball. GO ROYALS!!

{My New Motto}

As life seems to continue to get busier and busier, I am so thankful for the many hands and feet that make life run a little smoother than possible. Life is so good..it's busy, but fun & full! Happy Life for sure..just gotta #HandleBusiness

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