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Thursday, May 26, 2016

This Means War: Part 2

The Whole Armor of God

In our second post in the "This Means War" series, we will focus our attention on Ephesians 6:11. 

"Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil."

We should thank God every day that He even provides us with the armor to stand. Thankfully, we are not left to our own devices in order to stand. It is prudent to note, however, that all of us at sometime try to stand without the armor. There are times in our lives in which we think we can handle the devil and his attacks, but you know what happens next, we always fail when we do so. Therefore, we must take full advantage of what God has provided to us.

There are several truths I want to glean from this verse.
  1. There must be effort on our part in order to stand against the devil. Paul begins the verse with "put on." There is within those two words the idea that it takes some effort on our end. There must be a desire within us to put on the armor because we know that is what we need to do. The idea that we are saved and then we can sit back and wait on the Lord to come back is ludicrous. There is within every believer a drive to be obedient to God.
  2. It takes the whole armor to stand against the devil. We are told that it is imperative to put on the whole armor. This is not a battle in which we can go into haphazardly and expect to win. No! We must be on full guard and alert at all times. If there is any part of your armor that is missing, the devil will recognize that and exploit that. 
  3. This armor is God's armor. In other words, God is the creator of the armor. As we study the armor throughout this series, you will quickly discover that God is the originator of the armor. God is the supplier of the armor. We can get what we need to stand against the devil from no one else but God. Going to any other source for supplies is foolish and a waste of time.
  4. It is possible to stand against the devil. I don't know about you, but in my life, I have went through periods of time in which I just didn't feel like I could win the spiritual war. Friends, it is in those times when we are depending upon ourselves to stand and not God. You do not have to be defeated by the devil, time & time again. You can stand against him if you will simply do as God commands.
  5. The devil schemes against you. Please know that the devil is good at what he does. He has been convincing since before time began to follow him instead of God. He somehow convinced 1/3 of the angels that his way was better than God's way. In Genesis 3, he convinced Adam & Eve to eat of the one tree that God told them not to eat of. Here's the point...the devil knows how, when, and where to attack you. He will scheme and manipulate his way into convincing you that he is right, but thanks be unto God that He has given us a way to stand firm against the attacks of the devil.
Let me encourage you today to put on the whole armor of God. Every facet of the amor is vital to us winning the battle against Satan. May God bless you! 

If you miss the first post of this series, check it out HERE! This will be a weekly series, so enjoy keeping up with this walk through God's word!

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