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Monday, May 16, 2016

Weekend Wrap-Up

Anyone else out there have an insanely busy, but fun weekend?! Well, we did at the Hensley house! 


My kiddos were out of school thanks to some unused snow days from this winter, so a sweet friend invited us over for a fun day of swimming. Well, the weather wasn't suppose to be ideal, but it was. #sunburn #ouch

The fellas were ready!
That view though
The boys created a game where they kicked a ball back & forth over the pool. The trick was keeping it in the fence!
What I spent Friday night reading about..these did not work for me. #lessonlearned

Friday night my dad got home from his two-week trip that included some time in Europe. (still jealous)! Well he always brings us all some pretty awesome gifts. This time the goodies were from Amsterdam!
 This girl is Hobbykid & DCTC obsessed on YouTube Kids, & her year was made with these boxes!
My three loves!
The coolest stinking house shoes ever! First, they are my favorite color. Secondly, they are replicas of the wooden clogs that Holland is famous for. Finally, they are super comfy! 


For the first time this year, Saturday was for baseball. The Royals tied the Rangers 7-7, and I was thrilled because a bunch of Carson's friends from his class are on that team. Win-win kinda. Hopefully we meet them in a few weeks in the playoffs for that final game! I'm still proud of my little slugger.

While I cheered like a wild woman, this chick colored in her favorite coloring book. Big shout out to my Aunt Cindy for finding this travel coloring carrier. It has Anna & Elsa (our faves) on it, & it holds all of our necessities..crayons, paper, markers that she turns into 'yip gloss!' 


 We matched, & I got loads of questions about these pants. They were found @ Walgreens believe it or not!
My three sweet loves. 
This was the first Sunday in a while that Joe didn't preach, so we took advantage of a Sunday off to visit one of our favorite places, Hunter Memorial Baptist Church. Their pastor and his family are dear friends of our's who have been tremendous prayer warriors and mentors for us. Let me just tell you how good God is for a quick second. We sat on the first row, and we got to witness church leaders being strong, Christian men standing up for and completely behind their pastor. They didn't back down from 'anonymous' letters. They addressed hurt people with love and strength. Finally Pastor Doug preached from Isaiah about worship after the fall of King Uzziah, and guess what tomorrow's devotion that has been planned for weeks is about..the Fall of King Uzziah. 
May God continue to get full glory from this little blog and the mighty work that He is accomplishing in our family! #hallelujah 

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