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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What We Wore..Kid's Edition

Today we are linking up with The Pleated Poppy for her weekly link-up! If you missed my style post,  Here it is.
My kids' closets are my favorite places on earth. I'm going to try to break down some of my favorite outfits ever, & what they are wearing now!


This current stage that we are in with the boys is breaking this mama's heart. I love buying and picking out super adorable outfits, and right now, they are just not having it. They eat, sleep, breathe, play in Under Armor & Nike only! It's ridiculous because I love polos, chinos, suspenders, bow ties, and hats, & they are having none of it. Here are a few of my favorites from before they became opinionated..

baseball tees & converse sneaks #AllAmericanBoys

Well-dressed boys in button downs & ties! 

These are the looks I miss, but I am thankful that Nike & UA are still cute and functional. Here's what they are wearing on a normal day...Sundays & holidays excluded!
All athletic wear, all day!


I am thankful for this sassy thing. She is my very own little doll. As you may remember, if not READ HERE, I love me some Matilda Jane, but today I want to show you all that Nat wears more than just MJ...just not often ha!
 The most perfect pink seersucker dress! This dress screams Southern Summer!

 Suit: Target (2T) | Hat: Target | Shoes: Tevas (7)

Suit: Target (18 months)

Dress: Old Navy (2T) | Saltwater sandals (7) | Mini Melissa cat shoes (7) 
We can't wait to wear this dress. It is adorable on, but our weather has been a little too chilly lately. Hopefully, I can decide which shoes. 

Character tees: Target (3T) | MJ Shorties (2) | MJ Ruffles (18 months)

Top Row L-R: Old Navy water shoes, Old Navy glitter, Joyfolie rain boots.
Bottom Row L-R: Nike tennis shoes, Old Navy sandals, & Mini Melissa glitter.

I know I promised no Matilda Jane outfits, but I just had to share my two all-time favorite MJ pieces that I will probably hoard until I have granddaughters.. #NoShame
::American Beauty Lap Dress::
Pictures cannot do this dress justice, EVER. The colors and the shape are absolute perfection.
::Apple Pie Lap Dress::
This dress has major twirl factor, which is a bonus for my princess. She loves to wear this dress, mostly thanks to the softness of the fabric. I could literally preach about how ah-mazing MJ clothes are, but once you try them, you will love them! 

The must-have for my kiddos is functionality & comfort in clothes! I may be partial, but my kiddos could be wearing potato sacks & still look adorable. I'm just thankful that I get to enjoy stocking their closets with the pieces that I love. 

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