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Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday Favorites: Kids Fun

We have a lot of fun in our family. It's wild, crazy, loud, and full of laughs & love. This week I wanted to share a few of my favorite laughs & smiles of the week. 


These contagious smiles are precious from basketball camp awards ceremony!
 These "serious faces" need some major work. They look a little more mad than happy, but they still make me laugh!!


We have this super cool playground that has a fun creek that runs through it. This picture was snapped just before Nat needed "rescuing from the mud," and her dad needed to get in this creek to get her out.
 Nat has decided to happily stick with the plastic pool in our yard! :)

Water fun = must shake it off! 


 Life is rough when your mom & dad are both coaches, and you are a princess. 
 A friend of mine zoomed in on Nat's face here, and she is legit the eyeroll emoji! 


The boys went to Asheville with their grandparents for the week, and how cool is this little beach in the mountains at Lake Lure! My boys had an absolute blast, and I cannot wait for them to get home to tell me all about it!
 Big smiles from my boys!


Like I mentioned on Tuesday, we let the kiddos do the Bean Boozled Challenge, and it was HILARIOUS...we took a couple videos of each of the kids trying a different bean. These beans are flat out disgusting, but we had so much fun watching them torture themselves...ENJOY!!
STEPHEN = barf
CARSON = canned dog food
This was such a fun week, and I just had to share with you all just snippets of our fun! Like always we have linked up with ERIKANARCI, & ANDREA for their weekly link-up party!
Make sure you love those men in your life that God gave you.
Happy Father's Day weekend to those men that are leading their homes. May God be glorified this weekend as we honor those fathers in our lives!

-The Hensleys

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