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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Life Lately

I keep waking up wondering when the "break" in this Summer Break will start. 
We have all been going NON-STOP! 
Life lately has been so busy, so we'll get right into it!


The boys came back from their week with Mimi & Popeye, and went straight to a birthday party. Our sweet friend Ruth Ann turned four, and we celebrated. Her party was at the cutest paint studio, and the kiddos painted their own super-hero emblems. 
 Nat with her sweet birthday friend, Ruth Ann!
 The finished products. 
 The whole crew!
Ruth Ann's mom snapped this picture of Nataleigh, and I can't get over how grown up she looks! My heart may still be breaking!
It was such a fun party, and it really let my kids express their creativity. The people at Masterpiece Mixers were so wonderful with this bunch of kiddos!


So. Much. Fun.
We hit the park for a while. The boys hit the golf course for a bit. And we all enjoyed watching the Miss Tennessee pageant that night!
Before the park....(she dressed herself) 
 The best park ever. Warriors Path has the best Narnia-inspired playground.
These fellows were ready to hit the course...muscles and all!
This little girl was so excited to watch so many of her favorite friends on stage at the Miss Tennessee 2016 pageant. She had to wear her crown throughout the entire pageant. Congrats to the new Miss Tennessee, Grace Burgess!


Father's Day 2016...whoop, whoop!
 Happy Sunday from these three!
Blue romper from Janie & Jack. Pretty feet on point!
Lunch at our favorite Mexican spot, Los Jalapeños!
We ended the day by grilling steaks and watching the NBA Championships (Stephen was happy, and Carson was mad) as well as Money in the Bank! 


Monday night, my sweet friend, Christie, hosted a swim instructor for several of us. Carson really just needed a refresher, and he did great last night. He was jumping off the diving board by the end of the night, but I was so glad to see him practicing treading water and other such survival skills. Stephen was going to go, but he was exhausted from soccer camp. He's at soccer camp from 9-4 every day this week. 


This day was so great. 
We knew after looking at our calendars, (yes we have multiples) that this was going to be a busy week for all of us, and it was going to require some juggling of kids and a lot of prayers. Thankfully it worked out perfectly that Nat could spend the week with her Mimi & Popeye, and Stephen would be in soccer camp all day, all week. Tuesday, Joe had a couple of basketball games in Virginia, and I had volleyball camp all afternoon. Carson got to pick where he went, and he picked mama! {Team Mama for the win} It's rare that he picks anything over the basketball boys, so I gloated all day & snapped some pictures.
Carson after volleyball camp! {Go Toppers}
Before swim lessons day two!
After swim lessons, Joe and I hung out with my friend Christie & her man Kent! They are so much fun, and we all just laughed for a while! Have I mentioned how thankful I am for the awesome people that God has given us?! 
As I mentioned before, I'm spending a lot of time in gyms, and our summers in Tennessee are hot, humid, and stuffy! I live for my shorts, and these are my current favorites, and I found them at Wal-mart of all places! Such a comfortable fit for an all-day camp/practice!

These are mediums and fit true to size, and I hate mirror selfies! 
We hit dead week next week, and I cannot wait until a few days of absolutely NOTHING!!
God bless, y'all!!

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