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Monday, June 13, 2016

Motivational Monday

..Mommin' Ain't Easy..

my coffee mug from Tobacco Barn Primitives

I'm sure we've all been there. The kids are wild. Toys are everywhere. Food is all over the floor. And it's only 9 am! What do we as mamas do?! Well, first we say a quick prayer & get to work. Being a mama ain't for the light-hearted that's for sure. Here's a few quick reminders for all you mamas struggling today.

Embrace the glorious mess that life is.

My kiddos can make a mess quicker than a Tasmanian Devil. They are expert mess-makers. Thankfully, though they've begun the process of picking their own messes up, but in the meantime I keep reminding myself that they will only be 8, 6, & 3 once. These messes that require a towel and some Clorox will eventually be no longer, and we'll have bigger messes to tackle! 

Whining is temporal.

And all God's people say #AMEN! The quickest way to grate my nerves is to whine, and let's not lie, Nat can out whine Napa Valley any day of the week! (Check out that pun)! When she starts whining, I can tell she's either tired, hungry, or tired of being left out & hungry for attention. My sweet Carson is the best at consoling her as well as aggravating her. It's a balance with these two! Keep the faith, mama friend. The whining will all end one day, and then the eye-rolls & sighs will too soon take its place.
Normally she just needs a nap

Major on the minors.

3 different kiddos

My kiddos need me to pay attention to each of their distinct personality differences. Stephen needs me to point out when he's going out of his way to be help without being asked first. Carson needs constant reminders that he is not just Stephen's little brother, but that he is 110% his own kiddos. Finally, Nataleigh needs me to focus on the times when she is acting like a big girl. These three couldn't be more different, and they crave those moments when we really point out publicly their differences.

We're all in the same boat.

Regardless of whatever filter we use on Instagram or Snapchat, all us mamas are struggling to keep it together. Trust me, we can only crop so much of the crazy out of the picture. Life isn't perfect or ideal, but there is good in every day! I am really trying to focus on the great things in my life, and honestly, life is pretty great...even with a pile of Shopkins and dirty laundry laying in the kids' rooms right now! 

Dear Sweet Lord, I just want to take a moment and thank You for the glorious mess that life is. In those beautiful messes, Lord, may we always give You glory. Touch the heart of the mama reading this right now, and let her know that she isn't alone. Calm her spirit. Let her enjoy the life that You gave her. Lord, remind her that You have control over the situations that seem out of our control. Thank You for all of Your many blessings that You continue to pour out on us, even when we don't necessarily deserve it. God you are so good! 


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