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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Papaw Joe

This was a tough weekend for our family. Joe's dear Papaw Joe passed away unexpectedly Saturday morning. His health had been declining for the last couple of years, but it still caught us off-guard. Papaw Joe was one of the sweetest men that I've had the privilege to meet and be part of his extended family. He lived 86 years, and from the stories I've heard, it was a full life. It was a life that was incredibly touched by God's divine grace. This weekend we celebrated his life, and I really loved hearing my father-in-law's message about his father Monday. He broke Papaw Joe's life into three distinct parts; childhood, adulthood before Christ, & adulthood after Christ. Paw, as he is more known to us as, lived a rough life for the majority of his life, & it wasn't without it's fair share of shortfalls and struggles. He did, however, get it right at the age of 51. He accepted Christ as his Lord & Savior, and instantly his life was forever changed. I only knew this Joe, and I can say that he was such a precious, loving man who earnestly loved his Jesus & his family! I have been exceptionally blessed to just sit and listen to him talk about sermons and the Bible. I just wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on a few of my favorite Papaw Joe stories.

  1. He always called me Bridgette..always. Secretly I loved it, and I thought it was seriously the cutest thing ever. 
  2. Just last week he warned Joseph of the dangers of that "new internet version of the Bible." I still laugh when I think of this story, but seriously how precious was he?! 
  3. It was always so difficult to hear him, or anyone for that matter, while at his house because Fox News was ALWAYS blaring on the television. He loved his country almost as much as he loved his Jesus. 
I also want to take a quick minute and share a few of the posts on Facebook about Papaw's passing..
 My mother-in-law
 My sister-in-law
My cousin-in-law
These three posts pretty adequately summed up the sentiments of our family! We will miss Paw deeply!
To get to the funeral and burial site, we had to drive through some of the most picturesque places I've ever been before. On our way home, Joe and I enjoyed some quality time admiring God's masterpiece through valleys, mountains, and hollows in Northeast Tennessee & Southwest Virginia. We may have added some places to our must-see list!
Seriously, I live in the most beautiful place!!

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