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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Spiritual Tweets

One of my favorite people that I follow on Twitter is Margaret Feinberg (@mafeinberg). I was lucky enough to hear her speak at an Extraordinary Women's Conference a few years ago, and she brought the house down! I love the tweets she puts out there that constantly redirect my thoughts towards Christ. Recently she tweeted such a thought-provoking tweet that I had to share as well as encourage you all to take a few minutes to do the same.


My marriage was redeemed by a Sovereign God who continually pours out His love, grace, and mercy upon us! We've been married for over 10 years, and no year was more trying than the past 12 months. We experienced tremendous lows, and there would have been nothing that Satan & others would have loved more than to see our love fail. God, however, was victorious & glorified. Satan's number 1 target right now is among our families, and if he could have maintained that grip on our family, a pastor's family, then he would have been satisfied. Praise God that what He has joined together that no man or woman could separate forever...distract, maybe, but not separate completely.


Last year, when my world began to crumble, I began journaling. I knew God had a divine plan even though I couldn't fathom what the next day held for us. My sweet friend & fellow PW, Val, gifted me this journal at the most perfect of times. I can happily say that God has fulfilled every single thing that I cried out for last year. The outside of this journal looks beat up, and I can honestly say that many days were spent crying and begging God over this journal. This journal held me together when I didn't think I would survive. It's taken several months to even open this again, but I am so happy to say that God has redeemed everything that I begged for. God is so good!!!
 Thank God for the friendship that gave this beautifully loved journal to me!
June 28, 2015


For so many years, I have struggled with my own self-confidence and self-worth. I am, by nature, a people pleasure. I rarely say 'no,' and I will sacrifice my own happiness for anyone else's. I try to be everything to every one, and trust me, it is an impossible feat! There's something so liberating when by the world's standards you are completely empty with nothing to offer anyone, and God sends specific friends to your life who continually pour into you and your family. I've never had such satisfaction in relationships until now, and that is 100% from being emptied completely to be filled entirely by God. 
So much of this past year was spent being broken for His purposes, and for these reasons, I am so thankful for our testimony! To God be the glory, great things He has done!!!!

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