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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

Today we are linking up with MelShay, & Shearer for their monthly link-up party, and these are the questions we'll answer...

..what we're eating this week..

Monday we ate this cracked out casserole that I found on Pinterest! 
Scrumptious! I love, love new recipes...especially casseroles! 
Also, for Father's Day I made a German Chocolate poke cake, and my grandmother adored it. I made one for her yesterday...homemade icing and all!

clearly a hit!

..what I'm reminiscing about..

THIS awesome vacation last year. I would love to be at the beach with my people this year, but I am so happy to be at home with no plans with my people!

..what I'm loving..

Right now, we've been blessed to share our story a little bit with couples that have been facing similar obstacles. As painful as it is at times to share, God is getting glorified. 2Corinthians 12: 9 says, "But he said to me, 'My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.'" I'm thankful that when I am weak that God is strong! I'm thankful that our marriage, which was broken, is able to share what God has done!

..what we've been up to..

From soccer camps and swim lessons, this summer has been busy, but fun! Catch up on Life Lately, and here are a few pictures I've shared on Instagram: britthensley
 6 kids + 2 mama = wild & crazy times
 crowning @ Little Miss Independence
 Boys in their Sunday best
 Future UT cheerleader. 
(She dressed herself...very well, I might add)
Stephen had a blast at the Tornado Soccer Camp!

..what I'm dreading..

The next few months will be pretty hectic, and I am not mentally prepared for the amount of time I'll be spending away from the kiddos! I recently took a coaching job at a local high school, and our calendar is crazy! Pray for us through this season! 

..what I'm working on..

Organizing my Pinterest boards. 
I'm a pin-aholic, and I may have pinned too much. I've started cleaning out my boards a little. 
Find me on Pinterest HERE. I really need to add a button for easier following options, but I've not gotten that blog-advanced!

..what I'm excited about..

Shopping at one of my friend's awesome new boutiques!! The cutest clothes, and she is an amazing woman with great fashion sense! Check her stuff out, and this sleeveless shift dress is amazing!

..what I'm watching/reading..

My absolute favorite magazine ever! I love the recipes & home decor articles so much!

..what I'm listening to..

This song ministered to me so much last year, and it's still ministering! 

..what I'm wearing..

I mentioned last week that I've been living in gym clothes (thanks volleyball), but if I'm not in those clothes, then I'm living in this dress. It is the most comfortable thing ever.
Old Navy tee dress (medium)
white leather Converse 

..what I'm doing this weekend..

Oh my heart!!
These 7 years have flown by, and I am so thankful God chose this boy, Carson, to be our silly, prank-loving, big-hug giving boy! 

..what I'm looking forward to next month..

We live in a beautiful area that has the best festival ever! My kiddos are suckers for the concert series, the hot air balloon race, and the fireworks. This year will be SO. MUCH. FUN!!
 @ Chris Tomlin concert
 outside concert Funfest 2013
Hot Air Balloon Race!!

..what else is new..

Last month I mentioned that we bought a cow, "Big Fat Belly," & y'all, she had a baby calf! 
Oh em gee, he is the cutest baby bull ever, and I may be partial!