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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

..3 Quick Things..

I've done one of these posts before, but it's been a while. I wanted to share 3 quick, little things about my family. Life is busy & chaotic, and I feel as though I blink & the kiddos grow another foot. 
Here we go...


  1. He's reached the age where we get more grumbles than smiles when we ask for pictures....but he's just so cute still. Can we go back to when he was my camera ham?!
  2. He is still on cloud 9 that Believeland happened, and the Cavs won the NBA Championship. We still owe him a shirt...dang!!
  3. He officially doesn't care if his clothes match or not. His favorite outfit of choice right now is for sure his red Under Armor shirt with his bright ORANGE shorts...plus his Nike slides. #eyeroll


  1. He's still a little bummed that Dub City didn't win again this year, but he is still rocking that Steph Curry jersey!
  2. Ever since Carson lost his first tooth, he swears that several other teeth are loose, and his smile now shows off that brand-new tooth. 
  3. He has taken sleeping in to a whole 'notha level, and this mama ain't complaining. He's been sleeping in until almost 10am every morning, & all God's people said #AMEN


  1. She is our little dancing queen! She took a little class, and now homegirl is hooked. Hopefully we can find the right fit for our little dancer!
  2. No lipstick, chapstick, or lipgloss is safe around her. She loves, loves, loves it...like a lot!
  3. She's a cookie bandit. She will move Heaven and Earth (really just a chair) to climb up the counters to get her coveted cookie! 


  1. He is still quite upset that Kevin Durant left his team, and we are still not able to talk about the sensitive subject.
  2. He is the keeper of our prayer list. We keep a list of all of our prayer requests, and he keeps it up. Our prayer time at night is so precious.
  3. He spends a lot of time either studying, sermon-prepping, or watching preachers online. Isn't technology awesome that we can watch services that are hours away from our house?!


  1. I am simultaneously dreading and looking forward to the start of volleyball season. It's such a time commitment away from my family, but I have so much love for this sport! 
  2. I have fully enjoyed the Summer of Soccer. Thank goodness for the Copa Cup, the Euro Cup, and the Olympics. I cannot wait until the Barclay's Premiere League starts back! #Chelsea
  3. I finally bought my first Matilda Jane mama piece, and drum roll please, I LOVE IT! I got a cute little tee to ease my way into the obsession, and it is the cutest, most comfortable shirt ever. I'm not quite ready for the ruffle pants yet though!

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