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Monday, July 11, 2016

About This Weekend

..Hey, Hey, Hey..
Hopefully you all had a wonderful weekend. We sure did, even though there were some unexpected things that made us roll with the punches. Some of the best days & weekends occur when our plans get changed, and this weekend was just that.


Last week was full of storm clouds & kids being cooped up all week, so when we had a break in the weather, we hit the pool.

My littles are quite the water bugs, and this was the perfect outside, get energy out activity!

 We then headed to my grandparents' house, and we had to show Poppy how funny Siri is.
He laughed so hard at some of these questions!

Originally our friend Isaac's birthday was supposed to be at the inflatable park, but he unfortunately broke his leg the day before [feel better Isaac]. His parents decided that the movies was a perfect spot for a party, and it was a blast.
 We saw The Secret Life of Pets, and laughed hysterically! 
6 thumbs up from my kiddos :)
These girls..oh my..they are hilarious. They spent the majority of cake time in the Photo Booth pretending to take silly pictures.
Nat + Ruthie + Photo Booth = giggles & fun
When we got home, after a terrible storm, we were lucky enough to see that only a light at the ball field had fallen across our street. We only had glass in our yard & no power, but so many in our area experienced so much more loss. Just one street from us, a tree went through a family's roof. So scary!


We were supposed to have a busy day full of pageants & new furniture & the UFC fight. Well, our plans got drastically changed. We, thankfully, woke up to power, but no cable. So this didn't happen..
Conor McGregor is my jam in the UFC world. He's just totally committed to what he's doing, but we didn't get to watch it. 
We were supposed to have a pageant, but the site still had no power. So instead, Nana & I went shopping a little in the morning, and found some sweet things for my little dancer.
Last week, Nat took a free summer dance class, and homegirl is hooked...like sign her up right now. 
The only thing that she didn't love was that she did not have "tappy toes" for tap dance. 
She does now...& more leotards. We cannot wait until classes start. #SoExcited

Furniture did get delivered though.
 I mean, how beautiful is this Magnolia Home couch?! 
We are in love!!
Apparently the new furniture was so comfy that a little girl will just crash on it!


I didn't get my normal before church picture, but we went again to Hunter Memorial Baptist Church where Joe preached an amazing message. The man definitely has that call on his life. Well, we followed church with lunch @ one of our most favorite places of all time! 
The churros are heavenly.
As I said earlier, Nat was supposed to compete on Saturday, but the pageant was moved to Sunday at a local elementary school. She had so much fun, and she came out with the overall Grand Supreme Little Miss Elizabethton. I was shocked that she came away with the overall title, but we were so excited. 
Beauty (Little Rosie) :: Casual (Janie & Jack romper)
After the pageant, we went straight back to church, and Nat loved playing on the pirate ship playground. This church means so much to our family. They were with us as we became a family, and they will be with us forever. God is good; ALL the time.
During all of the pageant time Sunday, the boys spent some quality time with just Pops. He took them to a bike park & then to get ice cream. They love boy time!
We are so thankful with a weekend unplugged. It's too easy to become engrossed with technology, and I'm not denying that I don't love a good social media session. It is however, nice to unplug & spend quality quiet time together. 
Thankfully we have cable now, and I'm writing this as I watch volleyball from my bed while my hubby snores. Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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