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Friday, July 1, 2016

Friday Favorites: Carson Edition

Carson is 7!!

Seven years ago today, one of the most beautiful boys in the entire world made his entrance, and our lives were never the same! Today is ALL about this goofy boy, and we wanted to share 7 things we love about this most precious boy!


He is the funniest child ever!
His teacher asked us to send a picture of him pretending to be a turkey, and this is what he came up with. He keeps us laughing non-stop, & you literally never know what he's about to say. Oh, Carson, we love your perfectly-timed jokes & funny sayings. 


He has the most beautiful brown eyes.

Those eyes are swoon-worthy, and they sucker me out of a lot! God keep blessing my beautiful brown-eyed boy!


He's all-boy!
He's a farm-loving, baseball-hitting, basketball-shooting, snake-hunting, all-American BOY! He has the natural tendency to flex...in all weather...all the time!

Law, if his muscles ever grow as big as eyes, we will be in some serious trouble! 


The kid has the biggest heart ever! 
I mentioned HERE the sweetest story of Carson just weeping at Joe's restoration service, and to this day the memory of that makes sweet tears sneak out still. Another super sweet moment just happened about a week ago. He is such a good big brother who endures princess movies with his sister in the car. She's been on a Princess & the Frog kick, and (spoiler alert) Raymond dies. Carson said, "Mom, when Raymond dies, I just can't help but cry. He was such a good firefly!" [Be still my heart]! The most tender-hearted kiddo ever!


The best big & little brother ever! He perfectly bridges Nataleigh and Stephen, and we could not ask for a better middle child. Both his brother and his sister are his best friends, and he is the best best friend to both of them. They are so, so lucky to have him in the middle! 
I love how she is looking at him! He just gets it with both Stephen & Nat!


He has so much faith and love of God at a mere 7 years old! He loves learning about Jesus and worshipping at church. It is a blessing to watch him get excited about giving a tithe every Sunday. He saves up all week just to put a dollar in that plate. 
 His favorite service to-date was this past Christmas service!
complete with snow & all! 


He's a wonderful friend to everyone he meets. He is always looking for a buddy to play with wherever we are. He includes everyone always. I'm thankful for such a sweet boy who loves to make others feel better about themselves by including them. He doesn't care who you are or where you are from, he wants to be your friend. 

So many friends. So much fun!

Today, Carson, is all about you and the wonderful blessing that you have been in our lives. Keep loving God first. Keep being the amazing brother, son, grandson, nephew, & friend always. Remember to never let anyone tell you that you aren't amazing because, sweet boy, you amaze us daily! We love you, and we thank God every day for your sweet life! 

Happiest of birthdays, beautiful boy!

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