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Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday Favorites

This Friday I wanted to share one of the best days of the year so far, and it was one of those days that I will never forget. As I've said before, Nat loves herself some princesses...any princesses, but especially some Disney princesses. We had the chance to meet Snow White locally, and she rocked our world. Nat still talks about this day, and I love looking through the pictures still.
 She had to wear her tiara to meet a 'real' princess.
 Baking apple pies with Snow White
 Snacking while the pies bake & we wait our turn to meet Snow White!
 They met...
 They hugged....
 & my heart melted.
She read the other princesses her story, and she was simply the most enchanting person ever!
Learning to dance with Snow White! 
Oh my heart....
Singing at the wishing well with Snow White.

This day was magical, and I am so thankful for the moments of magic that I get to share with Nat. We are often running around to and fro with sweaty boys, so these super girlie moments are extra special. I prayed for a long time for a sweet daughter to share life with, and God blessed me immensely! 

Like most Fridays, we are linking and sharing with ErikaNarci, & Andrea for their weekly link-up party!

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