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Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday y'all!! 
After a long week of volleyball I'm so excited that Friday is here.
And, if Friday was a person, I'd hug them...for real!
Like normally, we share our Friday Favorites with you all, so here we go!


Last week Joe surprised me with the most beautiful bouquet of roses. On July 7th, we made it to our 10.5 anniversary, and I had totally forgotten until he got out of the car with these beauties & a coffee. #TrueLove


This kid loved, loved, loved going to the ETSU baseball camp. Coach Skole and his crew really did an amazing job, and my kiddo enjoyed it so much. I loved taking him every morning because it worked out perfectly with our volleyball camp that I got to enjoy jamming and dancing with this little man every morning. We were those crazies dancing while driving on the way to camp!


 While Carson was at baseball camp, & I was at the gym from 9-3 every day, Stephen & Nat enjoyed some quality time with Mimi & Popeye in Asheville this week. They took them to Georgia for a day to fish with their cousin, Camden, & my sis & brother-in-law. It was so fun, and so many memories were made.
Stephen & Camden 
& my princess caught herself a fish!


Did anyone else swoon over this perfect dress at Wimbledon?! 
It's Alexander McQueen, and really the Kate-McQueen combo is always #perfection.
She truly is such a beautiful style icon who always gets 'it' right!!


Speaking of fashion favorites, I shared in my 3 Quick Things post about my Matilda Jane mama purchase, and I seriously love it! I've paired it with simple denim shorts, my skinny jeans, and my white cropped jeans. All three pairings were perfect, and I love the top even more, every time I wear it.
Unfortunately my top is out of stock, but their newest collection is releasing soon. I cannot wait. Check out this sneak.


I thought this was the funniest meme that I've seen in forever...especially since Joe has been sharing all about the armor of God in his This Means War series! 


Due to the craziness of this week, two of our kiddos spent the week out of town, but that led to some seriously fun one-on-one time with our sweet middle. He soaked every minute up; especially the impromptu hotel trip. Our A/C unit stopped working (of course on the 90+ degree day), so we had to spend Wednesday night in a hotel. 
Big fluffy bed + Carson + Full House = night full of laughs!
We had a blast, and our A/C is fixed!
Like always we are linking up with ErikaNarci, & Andrea for their Friday Favorites link-up party, and if you want to see what else has been on our favorites list, check it out HERE!

Enjoy this weekend with your family, friends, & loved ones.
God Bless!


  1. Hilarious meme and I love your MJM dress, so cute!! Cute lil BB player! I miss my boy's little league games, those were fun times.