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Monday, July 25, 2016

..let's talk..

This month's chit chat session is all about SCHOOL DAYS, and with two boys in elementary school, our school days are pretty busy! First let's look back how adorable the boys were on their first days!

[First & Last Days]

 Stephen's 1st day of Kindergarten
 Last day of Kindergarten
 Carson's first & last days of Kindergarten
 Stephen's first & last days of 1st Grade
 Carson :)
Stephen :)
Seriously, where are the tissues?! I love, love seeing how these awesome boys have grown & changed over the past couple of years. They are 21 months apart, so they are extremely close...especially in school!

[Our Daily Routine]

Our day begins at 7:15, when we get the boys out of bed for breakfast. They eat & then brush their teeth. Thankfully we've laid out clothes the night before, but it is a daily occurrence that we are having to organize search parties for shoes! I say on repeat, "If you would just put your shoes in the closet, then you would know where they were." 
Another perk of this age with the boys is that they eat, sleep, breathe, live for Under Armor & Nike stuff. Picking their clothes out is so easy, yet so boring! I need my ├╝ber cute boys' closets back!
We then style their hair & double check backpacks while we pack their lunches. 
Most days their lunches are basically a Lunchable, but sometimes they will ask for sandwiches & Slim Jims! :)
We are out of the door by 8:05, and school begins at 8:30! 
Pick-up line is super fun with a toddler
-said no mom ever!
She gets bored & cranky often, but she gets so excited when she finally sees 'her boys!'
Selfies & movies make the time fly by for her, and I bring books with me!

[Our School]

We are so blessed! We have had the best teachers and principals thus far in the boys' school careers! The boys look forward to school, and it is not dreaded yet. (I know we are still young) Our school is amazing too. It is a top 5% school in Tennessee, and last year our sweet principal won Principal of the Year! #ThePeg She was a family friend, and the award was well-deserved! I never worry about the boys at school because I know so many of the faculty. I know these women are praying & loving their students. I know they are working hard to prepare them for the next grade as well as encouraging them daily! We are so thankful for Ridgeview!
School starts for us next week, and I just pray that the boys continue to love learning as much as they do now! I pray that they are a light for Jesus at Ridgeview, and I pray that their teachers know how much we appreciate them!
Good luck to all the students & teachers out there!


  1. That's so important that you love your kids teachers and principal!!!

    1. & they are super teachers on top of incredible humans! We are so blessed!!

  2. That's so awesome that they go to such a GREAT school. Always helps make a mama's heart rest a little more ;)

    1. Absolutely! I couldn't brag enough about our school if I tried, & this mama has enough to worry about with three wild kiddos! Thanks for stopping by! ;)