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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

My Why?!

I truly believe that why a person does what they do defines them more than what they actually do. Since beginning this blog, people have asked me why blogging and why now!? Today, I want to share a little of 'my why' & 'my how' in this blogging world. So here goes nothing....

Why blogging?

About this same time last year, my world as I knew it crumbled, & at the time, I couldn't for the life of me understand why. What I've learned over the past months has been life-changing, and I know that we throw that phrase around far too often. Last year so much changed (now I see for the better), but honestly I felt as though I had completely lost my voice. I had people speaking about and for me instead of coming directly to me. Assumptions were made, and I had to find that voice again. 
From a ministry perspective, when my husband chose to leave ministry, and then chose to obey God's calling in his life, he needed an outlet. Through counseling and many prayers, blogging seemed like the best fit for our life as it is right now. He's been able to counsel and connect to many through his messages, and it adds another step in his preparation process now. It's also a ministry outlet that we get to enjoy together as husband and wife. 

Why now?

I had many more apprehensions about beginning a blog than Joe. I had suffered through some personal stuff pretty publicly, but I continued to pray about it. I had found a lot of comfort in my private little bubble, and I definitely didn't want to invite everyone back into our lives. We've often joked that as a pastor's family we are just a camera crew away from a reality tv show. Everyone knows what is going on in their pastor's life and family...even if they are just making stuff up. After everything, however, we went through the healing process with our marriage, our family, and our ministry, and we knew that we weren't the only ones with similar struggles. Neither of us wanted to rush the miracle that God was providing to us, and we definitely wanted to share His goodness. We also want to share lessons learned over the past year and beyond.

What is the best part of blogging?

Besides sharing pictures and videos of these hilarious kiddos?!

Sharing, connecting, praying for, and getting inspired with so many other mamas, wives, women, men, etc. every day. I love the new challenges that blogging creates. Writer's block is no joke, and writing prompts through those link-ups are so wonderful. I shared HERE some of my favorite blogs that we follow. #ff

How do you blog?

I try, try, try to write at least the night before. I do not like the feeling of waiting until the day of to write posts. I try to remind Joe to send his posts by Tuesday, and he's really good about it. Without him, it would be so much more difficult to do this every day.
First I try to organize my pictures that I may want in posts by putting them in my 'favorites' folder. Then I upload them all to the computer. I like having them all on the bigger screen as well as on my phone that I can access & compare. 
Next, I only edit my photos with the Camera+ app. My favorite features are the lighting & filters. Here are my favorites.
 I always use the clarity tool to brighten & adjust lighting issues.
 Chrome is my most-used filter!
Followed by the Mono filter. 
Also, I try to keep my link-up parties organized in my phone's calendar as well as in my blogger dashboard. I make a new post with the link-up title, and I pre-set the time & date of the party. It just helps me keep my thoughts organized. Also, I know that Joe will have me a This Means War post for Thursday, so I just have to get 4 posts a week organized...mostly doable! Ha. These are just a few of my tips and tools that have made my blogging experience a little easier. Next week will be a pretty hectic week for me because I'll be out of town working, so I'll spend the weekend getting posts mostly together that I can easily update/edit on the fly for next week. My man is promising to have me next week's post ready by tomorrow. 

And to this I would add that I have this amazing forum to share a little bit of my life, my faith, my family, and my voice. It's so much fun too. I ask that you all continue to pray for us as we pray for you! 

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