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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday: My Tribe

As I reflect on my tribe, I can't help but think about the tremendous amount of stuff I had to endure over the past year plus. It was rough, and honestly I told a friend who is much wiser than I am that I was good not having girl friends ever again. I needed my walls. I needed my safety. Within the security of my walls, however, was loneliness. I am a social person, and slowly God put Godly women in my life that made me feel safe & secure again. It is amazing who He sent to me, and what those women have taught and encouraged in me. I'm still very, very guarded, but overall my tribe is amazing! 


I come from an extremely tight-knit family that is ultra passionate about EVERYTHING...even each other. We are the kind of people who may not agree on much, but we agree that if one hurts, we all hurt. I can vividly remember my family praying over me in my most desperate of times. I've seen my tribe step up and help out when I could not see a way through. They amaze me, to put it simply!
Super blessing these people are!

::mom friends::

I have found these such friends. I was looking through my phone for pictures of some of the amazing mamas that basically keep me sane & embrace my crazy, & I literally couldn't find much. I love that my phone is never out with these women because we are having so much fun...always!  God bless their hearts. They are strong, beautiful, hard-working, funny, and just basically the bomb.com @ everything. They make me laugh when I desperately want to cry. They hug me. They pray for my family. They have been true God-sends!!

When I was going through some of the lowest times of my life, a few very special women out there maintained friendships with me that still amaze me. I was totally prepared to let go of everything & everyone, but their stubbornness & pure love is something I'll never forget. They know who they are, and they know they mean the world to me! They are truly strong women, who love Jesus & love me. They don't sit around in circles bad-mouthing their "friends" when their friends need them. They love like Jesus loved!

This is my motto with my amazing tribe! I love them hard. I fight for them hard, and I for sure don't take any of them for granted! 


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