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Thursday, July 21, 2016

This Means War X

Today we take a look at the next piece of armor that is described in the opening phrase of verse 17…

“and take the helmet of salvation”

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the head needed to be extremely protected in battle.  The helmet was especially helpful in the attack of the enemies broadsword.  That was a double-edged sword that was much longer than the sword mentioned in the last part of this verse.  Most of the time, this sword would be about 4 feet in length and was swung with both hands for the purpose to split the skull of the enemy or to decapitate them.  In other words, you wouldn’t even think of going into battle without your helmet on.

I do not believe Paul is addressing the salvation experience here in this instances.  I’m convinced that Paul understands the hammer blows the devil tries to use to derail the believer especially as it relates to their mind.  One of the greatest productions of our salvation through the grace of God is hope.  What is it that makes us last during the difficult battles?  Hope!  What is it that makes us fight even when we are weary?  Hope!  It is the hope that our salvation that lifts our spirits even in the midst of warfare.

The devil knows all too well that he can’t rob you of your salvation.  You have been sealed by the Spirit of God however, he can deviate your focus and attention from what it should be.  What is the hope of the believer?  The hope is that this present world in which we live is not what we are living for.  For the believer, there is something ahead of us that far supercedes what we face now.  Because of that hope, we are willing to fight the good fight.

If the devil can get you discouraged and dissatisfied with your current situation, he knows that will deter your attention from what it should be.  It is when we are facing the onslaught of the devil that we must fix our eyes even more on our eternal hope found in Jesus Christ.  

Don’t let anyone fool you into believing the mind is not a powerful tool.  The battle is fought in the trenches of the mind.  If the enemy can infiltrate your mind, he has leveraged you in an incredible way.  Thus, we must be on guard and alert at all times.  Allow the hope of glory to permeate your mind day in and day out.  May the thoughts of what is in store be on the front porch of your mind.  Whether it seems to be the case or not, what is in store for the believer far outweighs anything the devil has to offer.  Thank God for our hope in Jesus! 


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