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Monday, July 18, 2016

Weekend Wrap-Up

I feel like I finally just sat down for the first time this weekend, and it's almost 11pm on Sunday night.
We were on the go-go-go all weekend working & playing! We wore a bunch of different hats this weekend, and next week will be such a big hurdle for us all! Let's go ahead & get into the recap!


We wrapped up ETSU volleyball camp. Those 6-hour days were killers, so we decided to take the girls on a non-volleyball related activity...
Swimming in the blue hole swimming hole!!
(When in Tennessee....)
 one of 2 falls on our hike!
most of the girls swimming and laughing together!

Then Joe & I had a wedding rehearsal to jet to. 
 Date night + work event = quiet dinner
The food was incredible, and the venue was beautiful!
(clichè foodie picture)
chicken alfredo with greek salad & sweet tea


We ran errands in the morning, and she crashed. 
Did y'all notice one of my Friday Favorites?! 
Matilda Jane for the win!
Wedding ready! 
My dress is from J.Crew & it's one of my favorites ever.
This wedding was such a beautiful outdoor wedding. The guests from California were in love with our beautiful Tennessee is, and I would have to agree that I live in the most beautiful place on Earth!
After the wedding, Joe & I savored a little bit of alone time, & we ran errands. You do what you have to do when you have no kids! We love us a date night in Academy Sports!


After church, Nat, nana, & I headed to the Miss Kingsport/Miss Sullivan County Pageant to cheer on our favorite girls as they make their last walks! As Toddler Miss Kingsport, Nataleigh got to go up on stage and get announced. She's such a pro that it's scary. She waved, smiled, and stole the hearts of the crowd! 
 As soon as her stage appearance was finished, she was ready to change & cheer her girls on...
Cinderella tee...pretty feet..pretty smile!

That's our weekend in a wrap, but the last picture is one that I'm dreading...
3:45 y'all read that right! 
The Toppers leave for Chattanooga team camp.
Pray for us as we travel, and our families as they are without us for several days! 
Joe will be taking over most of the posts this week, so make sure you show him lots of blog-love!

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