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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Tuesday! I'm in Chattanooga once again this week, but I worked really hard this weekend to get semi-ahead. I so appreciate Joe holding down the fort & the blog last week! His Man Take Over post was so sweet, and This Means War X was such a blessing to me last week! We had a pretty calm, yet disruptive weekend to put it mildly! Let's get right into it!


This mama caught up on some much-needed rest! 21 girls in Chattanooga & 2 coaches was just a lot! 40 'matches' in 4 days means that this mama needed sleep..in her own bed..with her family!
But first...we coffee!
A certain little girl missed her mama, so she napped in mama's bed! 
Elena of Avalor was such a big hit in our house!
 Someone needed to wear a crown!


A certain cute little girl woke up extra early (hello 4:30am). 
We left early, and we ran to have Breakfast with the Balloons.
 Perfect Matilda Jane dress for breakfast with hot-air balloons!
Little Miss Kingsport loved it all!
 I love her..even at the wee hours of the day!
While we were waiting for the balloons to go up, we played on Snapchat!
Simply magical!
Mama grilled steaks for dinner...& I just gotta brag about how yummy these steaks were.
While grilling we jammed out to iHeart90s Radio station! 


Sunday best...minus the Nike slides! 
Oh goodness, their idea of dressing nicely for church is totally different than mine! 
Some battles are just not worth it!
After church, we love us some Which Wich!
 My sandwich order! 
The Elvis..hot..on wheat!
& that pellet ice!
Check out these kids' meals!
Sandwich, apples, and carrots. Then the kiddos get stickers & a token for the M&M machine!
What I wore...Glorified pajamas to church. 
Ruffled grey pants from Walgreens (Also seen here) + Matilda Jane top!
Please excuse my tote. I'm currently packing & going through stuff for a consignment sale!
We ended this weekend watching another WWE Pay-Per-View event. I love these times watching on the couch with the kiddos. The biggest competition is between us with our picks! 

Please, please pray for my sweet grandmother. She fell and broke her arm. It's going to be a long recovery because Jo Helen did it right!

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