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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

3 Quick Things

I love doing these posts regularly just to see how each of us are changing and growing. It's so fun to look back at how our likes change from season to season. Right now these are three things about each of us right this minute!


1.  Joe is holding down the fort like a champion. I mean, he is the superstar of the family right now. I'm not around as much with my game schedule, and he's doing homework, running kids to appointments and practices, and getting kids showered and ready for bed every night! He's my champion for sure!
2.  He's busting his butt every morning in the gym! I'm so proud of the example he's giving our kids with his workouts and work ethic!
3.  He's so handsome! I just love him so much!


1.  I feel like a madwoman always. Games every Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday alongside weekend tournaments are about to kill me. I don't know where I'm going or what I'm doing half the time!
2.  I'm trying my darnedest to plan some family photos this fall. It has been forever since we had new pictures of all 5 of us together, so that's changing this fall!
3.  I recently chopped my hair off, and I love it. I tried a new hairdresser, and she basically rocked my locks. Find her on Instagram, & let her rock your locks too! She gave me a lob with balayage highlights. AMAZING


1.  He is such a gym rat. He is loving coming to my games & cheering us on. He asks me every single day how each individual girl did that day. The kid cares about sports! 
2.  He's desperately trying to get over his fear of mascots and people who dress up in costumes. He just last night asked to take a picture with Appy the Duck at the Appalachian Fair!
3.  He's beyond ready for basketball season to start. It is a daily conversation about when season starts & how awesome it will be.


1.  Fall baseball has started, and this kiddo is stoked! He loves the sport. He doesn't care where he plays or bats as long as he's on the field with his friends. He is a great teammate!
2.  He too loves being in the gym, but his first stop is to the concession stand, and our parents put together quite the spread at Science Hill. 
3.  He loves his friends so much. The first couple of days of school he was a little depressed because he wanted everyone from his class last year to just move up with him. Thankfully I'm friends with some of the moms, so we are able to keep the kids close! 


1.  She is loving, loving, loving dance! She has learned a few steps in ballet, tap, and has master the 'front roll.' Mondays are her favorites ever, and I love getting the pictures from my mom. It is a Nana and NatNat night, and they both love it.
2.  She's going to be a nurse or doctor one day. Last week when she was so sick, she had to have a chest x-ray, and she loved seeing her bones & learning from the physicians at our pediatricians office. She asked a million questions, and they graciously answered every one of them along with letting her participate in the exam.
3.  She loves to twirl, and she loves to wear her Matilda Jane. Well one of her pictures was recently featured in a Matilda Jane marketing email. We all freaked out a little! :) It was this sunset picture!

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