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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Back 2 School

A couple of weeks ago I shared a link-up post about back 2 school HERE, and school starts tomorrow for our boys! How on earth do we have a 3rd grader & a 2nd grader?! Oh my heart hurts. Today I just wanted to take a couple of minutes and share a prayer & a little advice for each of our boys as they begin this school year!


Kiddo, do NOT lose that contagious smile! Your smile lights up the room, & it is such an encouragement to so many! Study hard, stay positive, and continue to work your butt off. Remember that your mama & daddy are so beyond proud of the little man that you are quickly becoming. Please don't grow up too quickly. I really don't know if my mama heart can handle it if you keep growing up too fast! You are one heck of an amazing boy. You are also such a blessing to so many. You are smart, kind, funny, and thoughtful. You make every single day amazing! WE LOVE YOU!

Lord, I beg you right now to prepare the teachers, principals, and faculty for this upcoming year. Lord, calm my anxious child that he is enough for this 3rd-grade year. Please equip him with what he needs for a successful year. Let us as parents not get too consumed by what the world views as successful, but rather let us always have the perspective of Kingdom-success. Let him be such a light for You at his school this year. Help him to be a friend to the friendless as well as the kids with tons of friends. Encourage him to be a hard worker at his studies, but Lord, do not let his heart be burdened by school. Lord, we pray that school remains a fun atmosphere that encourages learning in all aspects. Lead us as his parents where we need to be with Stephen. God, please let his teacher be encouraged by him as a student. We lay all these burdens and so many more at Your holy feet. You are so good, and we praise You! 


Sweet boy, you are so stinking hilarious. You are the best kind of funny too. Have confidence in yourself always. You are such a smart little kiddo, and you are so capable of everything & so much more! Please know that we are always so proud of who you are, kid. You are one of the three best parts of our day. You keep us on our toes, and you keep life so exciting. I love how your big brown eyes sparkle when you tell stories. Please DON'T lose that ever. I love you so much..to infinity & beyond. You are so sweet, silly, and smart. DO NOT FORGET THAT!

Heavenly Father, You are so, so good. Lord, I pray right now that you go ahead of Carson and his teachers, principals, and faculty. Lord, bless this school year. Encourage Carson to keep his head up when the challenges of 2nd grade come his way. Don't let him stay in his frustrations. Lord, please lead us where we need to be, so that we can be the parents that he needs right now. God, You know what he needs & when he needs it, so open our eyes. God, please let him be that thoughtful friend to everyone he meets. Lord, let him continue to shine the light of Jesus to all he meets. He loves Jesus as much as any 7-yearold can. Please let that love keep bursting at the seams. God, You are amazing, and You have such a wonderful plan for our sweet Carson. You make our burdens so light, and we thank You for everything that You continue to do!


  1. WOW very well said...and did I mention you made this nana cry. I lift my precious grandsons up to you Lord please lead and guide them in each step that they take.