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Friday, August 5, 2016

Friday Favorites

It's Friday, and it's all about our Favorite things. 
Like always we are linking up with AndreaNarci, & Erika for their Friday Favorites link up. 
This has been such a busy, fun week, so let's get right into it! 


I shared on Tuesday about the boys starting school, so we had our annual '1st day of school' photoshoot. It was so fun. I've shared with y'all our previous years' similar pictures HERE, so here are a few of this year's!
 They are so excited about these Nike backpacks!
 Little sister needed a picture with 'her boys!'
And just like that another year of school has started for the Hensley boys!


I was talking with a friend, and her son is already planning Halloween costumes. He wants my boys and him to dress up like famous wrestlers (Eek!) & Trick-or-Treat together. This made me remember how cute the kids were last Halloween. We just let them pick out whatever they wanted, and they are three very different kids. It was so funny! Big shout out to their grandparents for purchasing these hilarious costumes!
 Halloween 2015
 Skeleton Stephen
Cap'n Carson 
 Cowgirl Nat
These are three of my favorite costumes yet, and the kiddos had a blast!
Here's to planning Halloween 2016!


I know I sound like a broken record, but MATILDA JANE! I shared a little about hosting my first preview party this weekend. Well, we ordered a bit much, and Nataleigh's closet is going to be so stacked this fall!! Here are a few of the outfits I loved most!
Dazzling Potion Leggings
What I am loving with this collection are all of the amazing colors. It is just such a beautiful collection. I cannot wait for these and a few other pieces to get here so I can start playing dress-up with Nat. Also, I cannot wait until the 2nd release! If this is the first, then the second release will be just as amazing!


The sweet community of blogger moms that I've made the past few months are amazing. Recently we've had a couple of pretty obscene, vulgar comments, but we have our settings saved so that we have to approve comments. These comments are disgusting, so I reached out to Andrea from Momfessionals to see if she has ever experienced this and what she did. She helped relieved any fears, and let me know what she did on her blog. I love keeping up with her blog, & I love how she continues to share her family, faith, and all the fun! Follow her if you can! Thanks again for all the help!


The Olympics start this week, and the Opening Ceremony is tonight! I love, love watching every Olympic game possible, and the Rio Olympics won't be different. #TeamUSA all the way in this house!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I have a hard time wrapping my brain around back to school and Halloween already! But the kiddos are so cute in their costumes! We can't wait for the Olympics either and will be glued to the opening ceremony tonight!

    1. I know! We start so early here in TN, but I love being out earlier too. It's such a struggle. I'm just ready for the cool down that Halloween season brings!