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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Life Lately

Life lately has been pretty crazy lately!
We are full-blown busy all the time. We are managing 5 different people's schedules, and honestly that's about all the time we have. I need an extra couple of hours a day!

Mornings are chaotic around here throughout the week. Joe leaves every morning at 5am for a workout at the school, so getting the kids ready and out the door is all on me. I've lamented & lamented about the boys' wardrobe, and we've finally reached an agreement. They pick one day a week, a non-gym day, to wear an outfit of "Mom's choice!" It completely breaks up the Nike/Under Armor monotony. 
 Stephen looking good.
 Carson's turn.
They both celebrating athletic wear again!
Cute little stinkers!

These morning are busy enough getting the boys ready & bags packed, so Nataleigh has been enjoying picking her own outfits out. 
 This one was particularly my favorite. She did pretty well for herself, and she was so proud that her shoes matched her hat. She wanted to skip a bow for the morning.
"Mommy, I cannot wear my bow wiff my pink hat!"

Have I mentioned that she is super-duper independent?! 
When she picks her outfits out, she has to get herself completely ready without my help...
Don't tell her that she's put them on wrong either...unless you want to start that argument.
And really how many arguments with a threenager do you really win?!

Most mornings, however, we are happily jetting out to the car. The boys are loving school, and Nataleigh does so great with more normal schedule!

Last week, we snuck up and enjoyed a girl's lunch with Nana & Jenny Jenn!
Food-Truck Thursdays are a real thing, and it spoke straight to my soul!
I love supporting local places, and this was just so scrumptious! The Foodie Fiction truck is delicious, and that burger was too good!

Someone had her very 1st dance class, and she couldn't have been anymore excited. She's asked for a solid year to take dance, and she is in her element! She overheard us talking on Open House night about the classes, and now she wants to add the gymnastics class to her schedule! 


Life is busy, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down. I just keep myself caffeinated and prayed up!


  1. I love how you make everyone feel like they are a part of your life. Thank you for letting me be a big part it!!!