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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My Day In Pictures

I saw Shay from Mix & Match Mama do a similar post like this a few months ago, and I thought it was so neat. I often sit down at night and wonder where my day went. Today, I'm sharing what my life looked like through then lens of my camera, and shew, it was a busy day!

Wake-up call.
I actually woke up briefly before this when Joe left for his morning workout @ 5:30!
Read my daily verse, and then read my Sunday School chapter, Luke 15.
Quick photo of these three before jetting to school!
 Man on a mission when he hurries out of the car!
A little slower getting out of the car, but still excited!
Stopped by the farm with my independent, wild woman who insisted her shoes were right!
Learning which battles to fight is key in the mommy hood!
Sweet girl suckered her Poppy into taking her to see the cows.
He has now decided that she needs one that is gentle enough to pet again.
"Big Red," her favorite ever, had to get sold in the spring!
 I ran to the boys' school to help Ms. Little get her math sheets ready & organized.
 12 pages per chapter.
22 kids' workbooks.
Organized & clipped & ready to go.
My grandparents kept Nataleigh for me while I did this. I am so grateful for the village that helps me!
Quick lunch!
Raisin Bran for the win.
We hosted Media Night for all of the Big 7 conference teams.
It was a good showing for the conference in our beautiful gym, and we played really well.
Volleyball, or volleybally (as Nat says), is fully under way...officially!
 Grabbed a quick bite from the best!
This order is one of the ways to my heart.
Number 1..no pickles with a large tea & lots of Polynesian sauce.
When I was pregnant with Nataleigh, I craved this same meal, but with HONEY, & lots of honey, on it!
How cute & courteous is our Chik-fil-A!
I was so thankful that I got to sit down for a few minutes while eating dinner to watch the Olympics!
Michael Phelps is insane! 
Another way to my heart is oversized shirts & fleece pj pants!
This Kevin Youkilis (Go Sox) & snowman pants are absolute perfection after a long, busy day!
& now it's almost 10pm, and I'm finally finishing up this post...with the Olympics on in the background! 
On tomorrow's agenda is pinning the labels on the two baskets of kids' clothes for TUAC sale next week. My kids have way too many clothes & shoes, so I finally got it all cleaned out & entered into the computer system on Monday. Now I just pray I have enough clothespins for all this!
Happy Tuesday August 9, 2016 to you all. 

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