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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesdays: Old-School Edition

Today we are joining Momfessionals for her link up party, and this link-up is going to be so much fun & so funny!

Both Joe & I graduated in the early 2000s ('01 &'03), so much of our school looks are '90s inspired.
Not gonna lie...I really love '90s still. Music, movies, and fashion...we kinda dominated.

Here are some of the best (& worst of our school pictures)


 That splattered paint backdrop & those jorts!!
 What I love about this picture is the typical puka shell necklace that everyone wore in high school.
Joe Hensley
Class of 2001

A few fun things about Joe's high school career. These are only stories, but I love them the same.
1. He set the record for most gym classes taken in a 4-year span.
2. Administration changed the scheduling rule, so Jojo's record cannot be broken.
3. Apparently there was a 'chair' that every referee knew belonged to Joe's dad due to the amount of hollering that went on during basketball games. 
4. I love hearing about the songs they sang in Coach Shaffer's class. Opera + Rock & Roll, anyone?!
5. He was a little rebellious & may have gotten run over by a teacher in a wheelchair!? 


 I'm really not sure. All I know is this is from my time in South Dakota, and I was in 1st grade!!
 I was voted for Homecoming court in elementary school.
Those sleeves!
In the middle of my senior year, I decided to chop off my hair a la Reese Witherspoon from Sweet Home Alabama
Class of 2003.

A few things about my time in school.
1. I loved, loved, loved everything about school...learning, sports, socializing!
2. I went to Daniel Boone High School, which is famous for a lot, I'm sure, but most famously for their annual Musket Bowl with David Crockett High School. #nojoke
3. I was such a goodie-two-shoes in high school.
4. I had some amazing friends that got me through the different stages of school.
5. Opposite of Joe, I only needed one credit, Senior English to graduate, so I loaded my schedule with AP & advanced classes instead of gym classes.

...A few of my favorite 90s fashions...

I remember watching SBTB every Saturday just to see what Kelly was wearing!
The Ultimate style-icon of the 90s...
My ultimate "as if" photo! 
Major 90s jam, and the video was full of major fashion moments!

I found more 90s inspirations on Pinterest HERE
So, basically I was so thankful that I grew up in such a fun, fashionable time. I may not have had filter after filter to use like high schoolers have now, but I have some fun laughs to share with my kiddos one day!

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  1. I love this so much....You rock at this blogging stuff

    1. Fumbling our way through it is more likely! Ha, but thanks!!

  2. I love thinking about the 90s! I can relate to the paint splatter back drop. In the 90s I had professional photos taken where I am nonchalantly reclining on a bed of aluminum foil! Will have to scan them next time I visit my parents so I can blog them, trust me they are epic!

    1. YES!! When I was younger I had 'glamour shots' taken, & I could not find them. I will have to share them whenever I find them because they were epic! Teased, permed hair!!

  3. What a fun post. Those pictures are GREAT!