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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesdays

This Show & Tell Tuesday is about advice that we would give our high school self. Like always we are linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals.

Dear Brittany, 

This is you in about 15 years or so. I want to tell you that you will be so proud of yourself, and that as a 31-year old, you are proud of the high schooler you were. You had strong morals and opinions then that you defended incessantly, and you still hold strong to high character morals. You weren't judgmental then, and you still aren't. You treated people kindly, and you still do. These building blocks that formed your foundation are good, and they are the core of who you are. Continue to work your butt off for everything you want. Remember that nothing is guaranteed, so you have to earn everything you get. You can't expect an A if you are only willing to study for a B! Remember that your studies are important, but you will learn more through failures. Lighten up a little, and let more people in. You are still a little guarded, but that isn't a terrible thing. People will fail you, forgive them, but don't lower your standards. You have three beautiful babies & a sweet hubby that love you so much. You are more loved than you can imagine right now. Life has had it's bumps, but life is so good for you. Pray more. Love more. Smile more. Worry less about other's opinions. Their opinions have very little to do with you, and they have a lot more to do with things they lack themselves. Don't be jealous. Don't lie. If you lie or cheat now, then those will be the foundations that you carry through adulthood. Don't sweat the small stuff. Ask yourself in 5 years if this will actually matter in situations. If not, then LET IT GO! (Get used to those 3 words because your daughter will love a song with that title)! People are going to come and go in your life. Let them go. God sends who you need for whatever season you are in. Trust His judgment when He prunes your life. Don't chase after people. Find the happy in every day because it's there waiting on you! Eat more veggies because you do not eat enough now! Learn now how to love running because cardio is not your sweet spot! Forgive yourself more, and remind yourself daily that you are enough! Keep it up, and never give up!


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