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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Three Things...RIGHT NOW

This week has been so busy.
So much volleyball; so much school for us all.
Really quickly, today, I wanted to share three things I am LOVING right this second!


My hubby requested these chicken fajitas again this week, and our local grocery store has the pre-cute veggie options. I grabbed the fajita mix, 2 peppers & 1 onion, so I didn't have to stand and cut the veggies myself. With practice getting out so late, any little bit of time saved helps this mad-dashing mama! 


I've been spending a lot of time on my feet and in a gym the past couple of weeks, and these tennis shoes have been life-savers. A few weeks ago, we went to Charlotte, & I found these at the Nike outlet for $30! 


Y'all....our gym has a pellet ice maker.
And all God's people said....#AMEN
I have been happily filling & refilling my Yeti cup with this ice during practices and games!
Science Hill is the best for a lot of reasons, and this is just one more way we ROCK!


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