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Monday, August 15, 2016

Weekend Rewind

Can we just rewind this weekend because it was so chill and nice?!
This is my last weekend for a while that was completely free. At Science Hill, we either host or play in a tournament for the next 6 weekends or so, and our season officially started last Tuesday. Our game schedule is basically every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday with a tournament on the weekend! 
So I needed this weekend of no agenda!


This picture from Friday's post got such a huge response on Instagram & other social media avenues, and I gotta say that it is one of my new favorites! 
We enjoyed a pretty relaxing morning/early afternoon of cartoons & baby dolls before I headed to practice. She is such a girly girl who loves herself some Blaze cartoons on Nickelodeon!


Joe & I headed to run a few errands, and stopped by Old Navy. They were running a HUGE sale store-wide, but their jeans were buy one, get one free....FREE! I happily helped myself to a pair of dark denim & a pair of black jeans. I really think the black denim will look so great on my game days!
While we shopped, Pops thankfully took the kiddos to the pool for a few hours! 
Part of our 'village' that we reference all the time!
Just doing life with my 'bestie!'
So this busy mama's back has been killing her lately, so after we put the kids to bed, I soaked for a while. 
 My muscle's favorite soak!
& I started this little gem while soaking.....


Sunday best with these three!!!
Carson has been testing 'new smiles' out for about a week, and this was today's!
Love my boys!
Sunday's are for napping with my girl!
& snacking!
In my Three things post last week, I shared about the pre-cut fresh veggies. Well this weekend I found pre-cut organic strawberries, and served those with some cream cheese dip. 
My go-to recipe for dip is 1 8-oz cream cheese & 1 small thing of marshmallow cream blended together until smooth!
While on the subject of fruit, this kiddo tried fresh mangoes and loved it! 
He's our tester. He will try anything happily, and he loves fruits & veggies!
Finally on Sunday, I spent some time organizing stuff for a local consignment sale. I really, really needed an incentive to clean out the kids' closets, and everything gets turned in early today. Thank goodness for the Walsh-Jennings/Ross beach volleyball match keeping me company!

Happy Monday, y'all!

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