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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

What's UP Wednesday?!
We are joining The Larson LingoThe Mix & Match Family, & Sheafer Told Me To for their monthly link-up! Here are the questions our fam-bam will answer today!

What We're Eating This Week:

Since it is getting so close to fall, I'm fixing a crock pot full of chili this week! 
Everyone has their own chili recipe with their favorite fixin's for their bowl. We always add steak to our chili, sour cream, cheese, and corn chips! I think Thursday is going to be the perfect night for a big bowl of chili...UT football on the tv, and chili in our tummies!
And I cannot wait for my first PSL of the season!!

What We're Reminiscing About:

My big boy Stephen turning 9 in September!
How, when, and why did he grow up?!
I'm pretty sure that he and I pinky promised that he wouldn't grow up!
In a few weeks, he'll turn 9...his last year in the single digits, and my heart breaks a little each year! He's such a sweet, funny, kind boy, and I can't remember my life before him!

What I'm Loving:

You can feel it. 
Fall is getting close here in the hills of Tennessee. I just saw my first tree that had leaves changing, and there already is a little bit of a chill in the air...especially in the evenings! I cannot wait for all the fun that the Fall season brings. I shared on Monday all about my Fall Favorites, and it's true that Fall is the greatest season ever!

What We've Been Up To:

School, volleyball, fall baseball, dance, and so much more! 
before school snapshot!
Lady Toppers
Fall baseball started their games this week, and my little Royal is so excited! He loves his coach, his teammates, and this sport!
My tiny dancer is loving dance. Mondays are her favorite, and she is learning so much!

What I'm Dreading:

Packing for a volleyball trip to Charleston this weekend, but it is Charleston...one of my favorite cities ever!
Throwback to my three favorite kiddos in one of my favorite spots in Charleston! 

What I'm Working On:

Restocking the kiddos closets for Fall! 
Tonight my friend LaDonna is hosting a Matilda Jane release 2 preview tonight @ her house, and I cannot wait. Remember how much I loved RELEASE 1?! I've heard that release 2 is pretty much 100% more amazing. 
 I'm loving THESE in Grazing Grass & Grizzly Bear for the boys!
THESE in the dark wash and the authentic wash!
I'm also looking for the boys each some shoes to carry us through the Fall/Winter months. They have their sneakers that they wear daily, (Under Armor for the win), but they need shoes for Sundays and non-athletic wear outfits. I'm looking at these TOMS & Converses.
 for Stephen
 for Carson
 for Carson
for Stephen
Like I said on Monday, I love the kids' Fall fashions!!

What I'm Excited About:

Besides football?!
I cannot wait for Picture Day @ the boys' school. 
 Last year's pictures were so adorable, and I can't wait to get this year's taken!

Along with the boys' school pictures, we are trying to plan some family photos! I'm so excited, and I have so many ideas pinned on my Family Photo pinterest board!

What I'm Watching/Reading:

I'm finishing up the new Harry Potter book this weekend...finally!
I'm also excited as the latest season of Big Brother winds down...who will win?!
But seriously how exciting is it that all the season premieres are this month!
 Eeeek...with all of the changes, what will happen!
 Oh my goodness......no words!
And this new show looks so amazing! It is a must-see for sure!

What I'm Listening To:

I'm obsessed....seriously obsessed with this girl's songs! She hits home runs every time she sings, and her voice is incredible. This one is my current Lauren Daigle favorite!

What I'm Wearing:

Sunday I twinned it up with my girl in our Matilda Jane. This is the Leah dress from the Wonderful Parade release! I wore it with my favorite sandals from TARGET!! It was a perfect outfit for Homecoming!
Also, I've been living in this baseball tee. We ordered these as a team, and they are heavenly! They are made from a dry-fit material, and I'll happily sport this all fall! I really love the look of a casual, comfy baseball tee...especially with jeans & converse sneakers!

What I'm Doing This Weekend:

I already mentioned that I'll be in Charleston, SC for a volleyball tournament, but the kiddos are spending some time with Mimi & Popeye (Joe's parents). They cannot wait!! 

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month:

Football season kicks off tomorrow for Vol fans everywhere. This will hopefully be a super fun season with some big games on our calendars. Some schedule highlights that I'm looking forward to are:
September 10: Battle of Bristol 

They are putting a football field in the middle of Bristol Motor Speedway for UT to battle against Virginia Tech. We live in an area that is so divided between these two teams, and I cannot wait to be there with 150,000 football crazy fans! 
September 24: UT vs. Florida
It's been entirely too long since we have beaten Florida. We've had our chances, but this year's game falls on Stephen's birthday...has to be a good luck sign right?!
We always have one of the toughest schedules nationally thanks to being in the SEC, but I still get excited when the season officially kicks off. Prayers for my family would be greatly appreciated because I'm pretty much a nervous and emotional wreck from September through January due to my devotion for the Vols! 

What Else Is New:

Multiplication, studying the continents, and personal narratives.
3rd grade is such a new territory for us. It is big-boy school for sure this year. I'm so, so thankful that Stephen's teacher uses the Class Dojo app. She has shared so much already, and I love it!

We get up-to-the minute updates as well as reminders, and my child loves earning those Dojo points for being on-task & good!

Bonus Question:

What is your favorite transition piece from Summer to Fall?!

Chambray! I have dresses & tops in this fabric, and it pairs perfectly with so much!
For the Spring/Summer:

White jeans + Chambray is #perfection
For the Fall/Winter
 Chambray + leggings + flats = casual style
Denim and denim does work! 
Love the camel accents!!
Also, wouldn't one of these tops look pretty amazing on a Saturday with some orange pants?!
#SDS #RockyTopStrong

Thanks for catching up with us this month. Check back tomorrow for part 3 of Joe's testimony!!

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