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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Count The Cost

You don't have to go far at all in the Bible to find the devil doing what he does best.  In fact, it is in the 3rd chapter of the first book of the Bible.  The devil, since before the beginning of time, has been plotting against God.  He is cunning and crafty to say the least.  He convinced angels to leave the splendors of Heaven and revolt against God; which leads ultimately to an eternal home in hell.  He convinces us every single day to be disobedient to God.  He is excellent at that he does.

I am convinced the harder you are trying to live for the Lord, the harder the devil attacks.  If he can somehow trip you up, it will lead to discouragement and maybe even depression.  For anyone who thinks demonic attack isn't real, you are badly mistaken.  I am living proof it is real.

Over the last 3 years, I have faced the full onslaught of the devil.  There has been many times i have succumbed to his devilish temptations.  There have been a couple in particular that led to my demise on many levels.  I don't have the time to explain all the times I have messed up, but take it from me, I have in a HUGE way.  What I want to do instead is to give you just a couple of the consequences.  Too many times we are not willing to cut the cost before we fall into sin.  The saying is true, "Sin will take you farther than you want to go, keep you longer than you want to stay, and cost you more than you want to pay."

First, I lost fellowship with God.  There is nothing worse for the believer than to have broken fellowship with God.  It is so sweet to be in harmony with God.  It is so bitter to not be.  When I succumb to the devil, I break that fellowship.  It is a miserable place to be.  

Second, I lost fellowship with my family.  My sin nearly cost me my family.  My wife made the difficult decision to do what was best for her and the children in the wake of my sin.  I truly believe that is one of the things God used to wake me up.  The thought of being without them is something I never want to face again.

Third, I lost fellowship with my friends.  God had placed some very godly people in my life.  It was these people that I turned my back on the most.  Many were willing to help me any way necessary, but i refused.  I wanted nothing to do with them.

Fourth, I lost my testimony.  For years I had lived in such a way to be glory to God.  I had built a godly reputation.  However, what I had worked so hard for, came tumbling down like a ton of bricks.  It was gone.  I am now spending my time trying to regain what I have lost.

I can confess, in the midst of the attack, I did not count the cost.  Maybe you are under attack right now, and you have yet to count the cost.  Let me encourage you to sit down and figure out what this sin is going to cost you.  You will quickly discover the sin is not worth the price.  This is your chance to beg God for His forgiveness.  I implore you to do so today.

I look forward to telling you about the wonderful forgiveness of God next week.


  1. Such a wonderful blog post today Joe...Thank you so much for all you have been through and so willingly opening up about it. It gives me hope!

  2. God turns our sin into testimony. Only one man walked this earth sin free...and Satan convinced people to crucify him. Great post and I agree...the more we tell the Good News, the more the enemy attacks.

    1. Yes. May God get all glory from our short-comings for when we are weak, then He is strong!