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Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday Favorites: 100

Well we've officially hit the 100 mark post, and it's been so much fun! 
Today we are sharing some of our favorite posts this far in the process!!
Like always we are linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea, so let's get into it!


If I've shared it once, then I've shared it a hundred times. I love Matilda Jane, and I love my favorite little MJ model! She loves it almost as much as I do. The dresses are extra twirly, and the fabrics are the softest! 
 Just a few of my favorite shots from this post!
This darling shot even got used in a marketing email for Matilda Jane!
I cannot wait until our latest shipment gets here, so I can share more incredible pictures!!


Another theme to our blog is God's goodness, and His goodness was so evident during Joe's restoration service! I still tear up and get chills when I think of what He has done in the last year. He has completely restored my family as well as restored Joe's ministry! 
Today I'm more thankful for God's grace, love, and mercy than ever before!


I'm so lucky that I get to hear Joe preaching every Sunday and Wednesday, but these posts let a larger audience into where God is working on him. This is one of my favorites that he has shared!


Andrea from Momfessionals often does these same kind of posts with her family, and I just loved them. They let us see how much we've all changed and grown over a couple of weeks/months! With a growing family of 5, we are often changing, and these posts allow this busy mama to remember all the things that her family is doing and loving!


It's so much fun linking up with fellow bloggers and sharing what's going on in our world. Each blogger is totally different, and I love chatting with fellow bloggers. We've linked up a lot, and it would be impossible to share just one favorite from these. Some of our link-ups that we do regularly are

In our 100 posts, we hope that we've shared our love of Christ, His church, and the beautiful gifts that He has given to us! 100 down, hundreds more to go! Thanks for being along this ride with us! 


  1. I do lots of these different link ups as well-- the three quick things idea is one I've done also!

    1. I love being able to look back @ how we'be grown & changed!!