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Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Favorites 9/16

Today we are linking up with ErikaNarci, & Andrea for their weekly link-up, and this has been one heck of a week. I need some positivity!


I had this big post planned for today featuring all of our newest deliveries, but alas, it's been a day. Pictures were not taken, but hopefully I'll have a post with our new pretties soon! Until then I'll share that they have a new mid-release promotion featuring my favorite MJ thing ever...their blankets! This one is beautiful, beautiful, oh my beautiful!
this blanket is the bomb dot com!!
I can hook you up with either of my two favorite Trunk Keepers if you are interested in ordering one of these super-soft, super beautiful blankets!
 Until next week's post, here are my teasers...
All the pretties!!


My hubby is such a fan of these rings. Working out every day & then working with the basketball boys can do quite the number on his gold wedding band, and these are the coolest, most comfortable bands ever. He's had his slate one for a while, but I had to surprise him with a new one for the latest basketball season! 
Here's the one I picked out for Joe, and I just got the shipping notification for it. 
Side note, their twitter people are hilarious. 
I laughed hysterically at this mention/gif that they sent out. It deserved a retweet!


Our mornings are pretty hectic, and on my way to the car to take the boys to school, I noticed that I hadn't changed into regular shoes. These house shoes from the Netherlands that I mentioned them here, and my love has not lessened! Next time I'll just try to remember than I need to wear actual "real" shoes before I mad-dash out the door!


How beautiful, sassy, and awesome is one of my favorite friends?! 
I need one of these tees...asap!!
Here are a few others I've got my eye on from one of my favorite local boutiques.
And they even have the cutest UT gear going!!


My Three Beautiful babies!
 {Stephen; my sweet 1st born}
 {Carson; my precious middle}
{Nataleigh; my gorgeous rainbow baby}
This week our local community, especially our volleyball community, was struck by tragedy. A beautiful, talented volleyball player died tragically in a car wreck, and it has shook us all. I attended the Celebration of Life, and it was at the same moment the absolute most beautiful and saddest thing ever. Mourning that vibrant child turned into a beautiful worship service that I could not get home fast enough to just hold my babies. I pray that you will remember the families deeply impacted by this tragedy. Pray for her teammates, classmates, and friends as they try to pick up the pieces. Kaylee was a beautiful girl who loved Jesus, her family, and her boyfriend. Pray for Ryan as he heals from major physical injuries as well as those mental injuries that can never fully heal. God is so good, and I was reminded of His goodness this week. Even in tragedy, He is good & worthy of our praise!
Happy Weekend from us to you!


  1. I love the Friday favorites! SO many great tees, I am a tee kind of gal! I hope you have a happy weekend!

    1. Me too!!! I like mine paired with skinny jeans & converses or booties. Perfect all year long!!

  2. Haha that picture of the shipping notification is hilarious! What a great idea for a ring. I should look into that for my husband!

    1. It was a gif, so it was extra funny! They are the best rings. His got here 2 days after shipping, & he loves it. (Get it customized) ;)