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Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Favorites 9/23

Stephen Edition

Tomorrow, somehow, Stephen turns 9! Nine years old, and today's edition of FRIDAY FAVORITES is all about this sweet boy! I'm sharing today 9 things about Stephen that I love so much!

::His Smile::

Gosh darnit, that is a handsome little man! His smile is contagious and electric. It lights up his entire face.

::His Kindness::

This boy has the biggest heart ever! He loves big, and you won't out-love this boy. If you are having a bad day, this is the boy to look for. 
(Oh these pictures are breaking this mama's heart)

::He's So Smart::

School comes easily to him, and he loves school so much. 
Third-grade math is a totally different arena that is kicking our butt right now, but he's working super hard. He works hard because he strives to make Joe & I as well as his teachers proud of his work! He's known for his 'expressive reading' skills, and his teacher shared on twitter him reading with a partner off a script. It is so much fun watching it, and I shared it on my twitter page. (britthensley)

::He's Silly::

The jokes don't stop coming with this one! 
He has a totally different kind of humor than Carson. He has a very dry, smart sense of humor. If you think that his smile is contagious, then his laugh is even more contagious. 

::His Athleticism::

He's so athletic, and he's even more of a sports-aholic than either his father or I ever dared to be...& that's saying something. We call him the NBA Scoreboard rainman, because the kid will check ESPN on his iPad, & let us know every score. He even remembers details of games so wildly! Don't ever talk bad about LeBron James because he may have a stroke so fiercely defending his favorite athlete ever!

::His Faith::

This sweet boy has such faith. He believes what he believes, and no one will tell him otherwise. He is such a champion for the cause of Christ. He will pray for anyone at anytime, and he fully believes that God will answer any prayer. He loves church, and he loves rocking out to some Christian music...specifically TobyMac & Audio Adrenaline!

::His Freckles::

When God perfectly knit this sweet fella together in my womb, He perfectly placed freckles all over his nose and checks! They are absolutely perfect, and they perfectly frame his sweet face. 

::His Outlook::

He's a realest in every sense of the word. He's also very practical. Conversations with him are very funny at times because he can easily hold conversations with adults, but then at the drop of a hat, he's talking about Spongebob & farting. 

::He Loves His Family::

& we're all pretty crazy about him.
His brother and sister drive him absolutely bonkers, but that child will defend them tooth and nail. He loves his alone time, but he quickly misses his siblings so much. As much as he loves his brother and sister, he's basically the bees knees when it comes to Carson & Nataleigh. They think he is the coolest, funniest, smartest person in the world, and he honestly loves their adoration. 
Stephen Karl, your mama and daddy love you so very much. Keep being the beautiful, smart, kind boy that you are. Keep trusting God, and He will direct your path. He has a beautiful plan for you and your life. You will do big things, sweet boy, and I cannot wait to see those plans unfold in the future. Today we start the celebrations of the precious gift that you are in our lives. God blessed us so much 9 years ago when He entrusted us with you! Thank you for making us a mama and a daddy! We are so proud of you!

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  1. I don't know where the time went either! Kendal turned 9 in August and he comes to my chin! 💔

    1. Stephen has grown so much! It's killing this mama, but he is such a sweet boy!

  2. Wow well way to go Brittany...Time needs to slow down....Nana loves her little man so much