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Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday Favorites

Today like always we are linking up ErikaNarci, & Andrea for their weekly link-up! 

{blanket scarves}

I'm hooked, obsessed, whatever wording you want to use! 
I found this one at Born To Be Sassy online, and it is so soft. Of course, I had to add the monogram because, I'm southern like that! I opted for the rust scarf with cream lettering on my monogram. Go get one now. It is the perfect Fall accessory.

{KAVU bag}

My man surprised me a couple weeks ago with this beautiful Kavu bag, and mamas, I love it! It is the perfect size, and so easy to tote everything, hands-free!
Isn't this the cutest print ever?! I love this bag so much!

{field-trip fun}

 The shepherd..oh my goodness.
So many laughs here!
Cool boys enjoying the "milk stop!"
& sister was done...like D-O-N-E, DONE!
This was Nat's and my second time enjoying this field trip, and I use 'enjoy' lightly. It's a lot of walking around the fairgrounds learning about livestock & farming, and it stinks. She was excited, however, to see some of her brother's favorite friends, and I enjoyed hanging out with my mama friends! 

{Joe's testimony}

Joe's been sharing parts of his testimony for the past couple of weeks, and it's been such a blessing to me. Living through the last couple of years has been difficult & challenging, but seeing how God uses our messes for His message is beautiful. It truly makes the struggles of this life worth it. Even though I still struggle with things, I know that I'm being pruned daily for His glory, and I'm so proud of Joe for being brave enough to share his short-comings for God's glory!
Catch up on Joe's story anytime because it's so good!!

{fall baseball}

Finally, I got to see the last inning of Carson's fall baseball league. The Royals avenged their only loss of the Fall season, and I was one heck of a proud mama. Carson made 2 outs from right center, and he went 3 for 4. This little guy loves this sport so much, and he's improved so very much!

That's it for this week's edition of Friday Favorites! We hope you enjoy your weekend with friends and family...oh, & 
Go Big Orange!


  1. Oh my stars! I'm all about blanket scarves but a monogrammed one?! I clearly need it, NOW!


  2. Love blanket scarves and you're such a trooper tagging along WITH a little on a field trip! Better than I am, that's for sure.