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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Lunch Time

My kiddos take their lunch to school every day, and honest moment right here, a lot of mornings the sub Lunchables are easiest. The boys love it, however, when we mix it up a little. I thought I would share what goes into their lunch boxes when mama doesn't just throw a Lunchable in there!

The Box

This is Carson's lunch box. 
We found it HERE @ our go-to Target!
I like how big it is, and it's crush proof. Boys will be boys, and my boys can be pretty rough with their stuff. Carson is kinda green-obsessed, so of course he picked the green one. Stephen has a nice blue one of the same style!

The Food

 Here's it all assembled!
Gatorade because that's what all the athletes drink, right?! 
 The boys current favorite chips!
 This is Carson's favorite! 
Stephen doesn't love veggies, but he will happily enjoy a pack of grapes and apples.
 We've loved SlimJims for a while, so of course they make the cut!
My minions favorite
 Totally mom-cheat here. 
I will stand and make them their own PBJs, but if I don't have to, I'll happily toss one of these in!
I freeze their Go-Gurt, so it'll stay cold until lunch time. It also keeps the rest of the food a little colder too!
Here are some more ideas for lunches!

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