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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Matilda Jane Mania

I've been waiting & waiting to share with you just how beautiful our newest pretties are, & here they are!! Without further ado.....
 We'll start with our favorite top from Release 2!
The Glimmer Tunic is soft, sweet, and has glitter that my sweet girl just loves. It matches perfectly with so many of the pants from Release 1. Here I've paired it with the Near the Woods Leggings.
 The Croquet Skirt is darling; simply darling! 
It perfectly pairs with the simple, yet sweet Dinah tee
(more on that tee in a second)
 The Dinah tee + The Pebbles leggings = tons of perfection & so much comfort!
(excuse the fake smile)
 The Quite Right Dress is Matilda Jane magic. It's whimsy, twirly, and so beautiful. We are showing it layered with the Pebbles leggings. It is a favorite for sure!
And the true Matilda Jane dress test requires the twirl. 
My princess loves herself a dress that twirls, and this one does not disappoint! The Quite Right Dress is a must-have for any Matilda Jane fan or twirly dress girl! 
There's just something so right with my sweet girl twirling barefoot in her Matilda Jane!

I loved our goodies from RELEASE 1 so much that I was afraid of being disappointed, but I wasn't. This collection just keeps getting better and better.
Don't forget about this blanket! 
It is the definition of Matilda Magic. If you are interested in grabbing one of these, you can still order.
I use two great Trunk Keepers:
Brittney Pearson: TK ID# 1696
LaDonna Roberts: TK ID# 3077
Send these ladies wish lists, and they will help you out!

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