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Wednesday, September 14, 2016


This is a new link-up for us! I've followed Shay & Erika and their blogs for a while now, and this particular link-up has been so much fun! I've been waiting to share in this link-up for this one right here! If I was stuck on an island, I know how quickly I would get bored, and these are the movies that I can never watch enough...
but seriously, only 3!?


The Princess Bride
This movie has always been & will always be my movie! Growing up my dad always called me "Princess" & my sister "Buttercup!" 
Nataleigh named her American Girl doll Princess Buttercup, and I was nearly overwhelmed with pride!
Here are a few of the most memorable quotes, and literally a day doesn't go by where I do not quote this iconic film at least once!
 I need this in my house....
 Billy Crystal as Miracle Max is epic on so many levels!
yes, yes, yes!!!!
"I do not think that word means what you think it means!!"
I could go on and on about this movie, but honestly, it is the best movie ever!


Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan Rom-Coms
Sleepless In Seattle
 All the feels!
Sam Baldwin had everyone hooked at this moment! 
You've Got Mail
 Need in my life!
 I need my heart emoji right here, right now!
I found this little guide to YGM's NYC, and my next trip to NYC will include these stops!


Any Disney princess movie!!
Seriously, one of the best things about having a daughter who is equally disney princess obsessed is watching all of these with her. I have no favorite princess. We are an equal opportunity princess fan family here at the Hensley Homestead. 
We are too excited about the new princess!
Our Disney love it real, and I've shared this video before! We love Evynne and her talents!

Her latest Princess cover! 
Oh my heart!!

This has been so much fun sharing about a few of my favorite movies that I would want if I was stranded on an island. I'm sure, beyond a shadow of doubt, that my husband would be thrilled with my selection. 
Close contenders for top 3 on my list were any James Bond film (especially the ones with Daniel Craig as Bond). Any Jason Bourne film. I would say that being stranded on an island would be thrilling enough that we wouldn't need these action-packed films to entertain us! And a final contender would be the Harry Potter films! These are iconic in and of themselves!


  1. Princess Bride is one of mine picks too! It's one of the best movies EVER!!!

    1. EVER! I always feel a little upset when someone says they've never seen the movie!

  2. You've Got Mail :) One of my top picks too!


    1. Those coffee cups are must-haves!! Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. I didn't see princess Bride until college!! I met a guy who couldn't believe it and he fixed that problem!! Great movie!

    1. Yes!!! My hubby hadn't seen it until me, & now he quotes it all the time! :)