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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Weekend Rewind with a Life Lately

I'm combining two of my favorite posts because it is already the middle of the week, so today we will be sharing about our Weekend Rewind as well as how Life Lately is going! It's been busy, and it's been fun. Let's get right into it!

{Last Weekend}

I was supposed to head to Charleston for a volleyball tournament, but Tropical Storm Hermine had other plans. I stayed and worked a volleyball fundraiser, and then spent the rest of the weekend relaxing with the family. I took very few pictures, but lots of naps, football, and pumpkin spiced lattes were enjoyed!
It wasn't pretty, but it worked! 
We beat App St. (a really good team), and that's all that matters!
Praise Jesus for PSL!
 Joe & I snuck to the mall to look for shirts for the Battle of Bristol, and we took ourselves a nice little break in these reclining massage chairs!
It was well worth $2!
Carson spent Friday night with a friend, and they went 'bad guy hunting!' 
(Side Story: we've had an escaped prisoner on the loose in the general area, so the boys were guarding the house. Bad guys be gone)!
Our friends just built on a beautiful 10-acres, so the boys really got to investigate. They were safely being watched by the mom!
While Carson spent the night with Cooper, Stephen & Nataleigh enjoyed camping with Mimi!
Mimi sent us this, and it's hilarious. The pool wasn't open yet, so Nat decided to just sit down and 'play in the rocks.' 
Why not?! 
Carson has been dying to have a turn on stage at church to sing. Well Sunday he bravely got up there and belted out "B-I-B-L-E" and it was precious! 


Like many holidays, we started today at the doctor. Nat spiked a fever late Sunday, and then woke up with the same fever and sores in her mouth. Thanks a lot stupid strep throat. It's been a rough go of it for Nat lately. Any and every bug that's been around, she's picked up, & it's kicked her butt.
 She may not feel well, but she's still beautiful!
She chose the shot.
She hates taking medicine, so she decided that the shot was her best option. Nothing a Stuffy band-aid can't make better! 
Be still my heart!!
This was just before she had to have her shot.
And sometimes a little Fixer Upper marathon is needed when a mama is slap worn-out! I'm thankful for a hubby who calls this "our show" & for a baby girl who loves watching this show nearly as much as I do! 
A friend sent me this on Pinterest, and it may have to be my next coffee mug purchase!


This was as excited as these boys were going to get going back to school after a long weekend. They had a ball watching football and camping with Mimi!
Strep really stinks...
Especially when you are three, and you have blisters in your mouth and on your lips. She's pitiful, but she is happy that she gets plenty of popsicles! Praying that this nasty mess goes far away from my sweet girl!
This week has been some kind of tough & exhausting, but I'm trusting that God will make the next few days' loads a little lighter! 
Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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