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Monday, September 12, 2016

Weekend Rewind

The best word for describing this weekend is ORANGE!!
It was such a good one too!


These 3!!
 I mentioned last week that Nat was sick for the majority of the time, but by Friday, she had gotten all that sass back. 
And those two boys are just so handsome!
 After school, the boys & Nat went to my in-laws in Asheville for the weekend, so Joe & I took advantage of a late-night date night.
I had to snap this picture of the three masks hanging on the wall for my sister because they remind me of masks from the 1992 comedy 3 Ninjas that she & I loved growing up!
Sushi night for the win!
Spicy tuna and spicy crab rolls for me, and tuna & avocado & spicy tuna for Joe!


So much!
I started my Saturday at the high school working a middle school volleyball tournament, and Joe started his on the exercise bike along with Creed!
After our date, we jammed out (kinda) along with Delilah, and this song came on! Snapchat followers (britthensley) I'm sure were so entertained, so Joe added it to his workout playlist. I must admit that it is a great add!
This girl loves herself a sandbox....especially @ Mimi's!
The kiddos had a blast while in Asheville.
While they were in Asheville, Joe and I hit up this kinda big event in Bristol, TN....
The Battle At Bristol. 
Oh my goodness, epic is the only way I can describe this event. This has been 2 decades in the making. My Tennessee Vols took on those terrible, no-good, very bad Hokies, & spoiler alert, WE WON!
 I stole this image from ESPN. College Gameday was in town, and seriously, just how amazing are our sunrises over the Appalachian Mountains?!
 So many people!!
156, 990 people were in "The Last Great Coliseum," & we were with them!
 My love & I!
 Pano @ sunset!!!!
 My mom & sister joined us!!!
This National Anthem was so amazing.
In the South, we love us some #Merica & some football, but @ Bristol we take it to another level!
It was such a fun, once-in-a-lifetime experience!! I snapped so many pictures & videos from the game, and like I said earlier we came out victorious. 
Late-night selfie with my ticket!
I just had to share the National Anthem with you all because it was AMAZING!!


And on Sundays we want to stay in bed, especially after the largest football game ever, but we love Jesus!
Happy, happy, happy about that coffee before church!
My dad goes to the early service @ his church, so he happily helped us out and picked the kiddos up from Asheville. I know I say it all the time, but really we are so thankful for our village...even if it's a crazy village!
So like always we were all cheering for Miss Tennessee, but this year to be so involved with the MAO (Miss America Organization) we were really cheering for #AmazingGrace. She competed so well, and every time she was on stage, Nataleigh (& I) squealed with excitement. I could listen to her sing "Desperado" every day really though!
 Miss Tennessee 2016
Grace Burgess
Miss Tennessee 2036
Nataleigh Hensley
 The new Miss America
Miss Arkansas
Savvy Shields
 Someone else needed a quick little photoshoot.
She picked the crown, and this is her Tennessee State Cameo Tot 2016.
"Happy girls are the prettiest."
And baby girl, you are beautiful!
Sunday is for football too, and anytime the Giants start their season with a WIN in Dallas, is a good start!
 My current favorite Manning in the NFL!!
Not too much better than ending a fun, busy, wild, crazy weekend than snuggling in bed watching some Sunday Night Football! 
Quick little product review!
While @ Walgreens grabbing sinus/cold medicine for myself, I found this new polish, and I LOVE IT! It went on so smoothly & dried nearly instantly. Hopefully it holds up well over the next few days!
I grabbed the Power Outage color, and I never go black on my finger nails. I love it though. It is the perfect fall color!
Happy week!!


  1. Loved seeing you guys at that game! Brian and I watched it on TV.

    1. It was incredible! I wish there was a better word to describe it!

  2. Great writing today!!!! You keep me looking forward to this blog each and everyday!!!! Keep it up